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Manifesting Manifestation Power

Unlock your forces to realise your Vision


Manifesting Manifestation Power describes in three words how you can transform your Original Creative Power into the practical and tangible realisation of what you would like to experience in your life.
Our experience for the last 30 years has taught us that creating from the mind or creating from the Heart makes a substantial difference in the tangible result in your daily life. Two critical factors play a role in this. On the one hand, familiarity (inner knowing) with the Why or, in other words, your vision of your life (What makes your Heartbeat? and What gives you energy?). If you prefer to start with that, then read on at the Playshop Human Innovation Plan.
On the other hand, to steer inner processes that determine the speed and outcome of the manifestation (the Creation Process). That is the main subject of this Playshop Manifesting Manifestation Power, which is a practical continuation of reading our blogs, especially the Trilogy The Illogicality of Change for the Personality.
Especially in these times, when all footholds and anchors are in question, and you might be confronted with the unknown of a 'New World', your Vision and Manifestation Power in your reality are indispensable. After all, when you do not create your own reality, you end up (sometimes very subtly anyway) in a version of somebody else's reality or another intelligence.   
It is, therefore, now necessary to get clear which underlying questions can still unconsciously be the cause of diminished manifestation force. Examples of such underlying questions are: What stands between your Creative Power and the actual manifestation? What programming is running when the manifestation fails? What is triggered when you are thrown back on yourself in manifestation? Do you live your greatness, or do you settle for the space allowed by the Matrix? What role does the neurological system play in your manifestation? How does manifestation work from your blueprint, the importance of being here & now as an Original Human Being on Earth?


This Playshop has as a basis your research in your Consciousness. The question or questions you have about your Manifestation Power will be the starting point. You gain insight into the role of patterns, routines, anchors and the programmed personality. You learn to take authority as a creating Original Human Being and how you can manifest your Vision from there in connection with the Creation Field. Through this, you will come to understand that manifestation happens outside of linear 3D time. You will also find answers to the above and other questions to clear the way for your Creation power and Manifestation power.

For Whom?

This Playshop is for people who know or feel that they have Creative Power but encounter various obstacles to manifest in their daily lives.

What can you expect?

The Playshop goes beyond the search for answers in the rational logic of daily reality in the Matrix. You will investigate through various practical ways which programmes are still running unseen in you, and you will learn how to cancel these programmes easily.
A trick solves nothing. You will learn to recognise the programmes and anchors that are still active in situations where reality produces a different result than you had hoped for and to stop them. In addition, you will realise how the time and space continuum partly determines our reality and how you can use non-linear thinking to manifest your reality.
The results of this Playshop are an increase of your Creation- and Manifestation power and increased Consciousness that you are the one who really shapes your reality. You will experience a consolidation of this after the Playshop by putting the learned into practice daily and making it a new routine.


When: You can regularly participate in this Playshop in the Netherlands in Dutch. If you would like to join in this Playshop in English, the fastest way to plan a date if you could bring along at least two (preferably three) other persons. Alternatively, we will create a list and will inform you when there are enough participants to schedule this Playshop in English.
Investment: The Playshop lasts 3.5 hours, and the costs are € 75 (incl. 21% VAT) for a private person and € 90 (excl. VAT) for self-employed persons and € 110 (excl. VAT) for SME employees.
Tariff changes reserved; the current prices are mentioned on this website and in the webshop.
Payment: After agreeing on the date, you will receive an invoice that must be paid before the Playshop by bank transfer.
Cancellation: You can cancel your participation free of charge up to 48 hours before the Playshop starts. You will then receive a credit note, and we will refund the amount. After that, you are obliged to pay the invoice.

Would you like more information?

Do you want more information, or do you have a question? Feel free to call Jolande: +31-SIX-445-ONE-186-ZERO or send your item via email.
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