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Our Vision

Humanity is one organism living in a unified connection through Heart Consciousness with the Earth

About us

Jolande Pit

In Origin there is undefined Consciousness which can express itself in form. The forms I prefer in this reality are process facilitator and Frequency Artist. My passion is Re-membering and empowering you in whom you are Original.
My Core Value is Keeping Energy High, also called ‘Holding Space.’ I have done this my entire life, both in private and in my previous work as a (psychiatric) nurse (1986-2008), haptonomic pregnancy counsellor (1999-2011) and craniosacral therapist (2008-2018).
Ever since I arrived on Earth, I have studied the programming of Man in this controlled reality. Out of self-preservation, I realised, as young as I was, that my Original Light was not understood and accepted in this reality, and as a result, I taught myself to ‘adapt’ by programming myself. During this school of learning, my Source Power has always remained strongly present, and from age 18 onwards, I taught myself to deprogram myself through all kinds of (self)studies.
Human innovator (f)
By making both sides (programming and deprogramming) so thoroughly my own, I have become a bridge between the Old and the New.
Making the transformation from old (matrix) to new (Original Consciousness) recognizable and practically applicable in daily life together with you is my talent as a facilitator of the Innovation Sessions and Playshops of Human Innovator.
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Niek van Duivenbooden

In essence, I have become a combination of a visionary, researcher, coach, trainer, facilitator, and inspirer through all kinds of (scientific and personal) education and work experiences. From there, I speak to people to guide their Original Human Beings to live on Earth on their versatility and the ability to push boundaries.
I am passionate about guiding people and teams to use their Beings to shape their own lives in this dimension in connection with others aimed at restoring the Earth in all its facets. One form of work does not fit me, so I have set up several companies.
I like to put what I have learned into practice immediately, which also makes me Lead by example. My focus is to create an impact in African countries by creating ‘Alignment & Synergy’ through our company Trimpact. Besides, I coach organisations and their employees within our company, Inspired People Work. From our passion for films and our experience that certain films are inspiring and worth seeing more than once, we created our webshop InspiratieFilms.
I facilitate Innovation Sessions and team-building workshops aimed at organisations, their management, and staff. Supporting organisations to integrate the Earth Restoration Plan into their corporate vision and mission is the entry point.

Careful entrepreneurship and collaboration

Together, we have developed various work forms to set energy in motion. Our core quality is to bring in a new organic information field (frequency), which automatically sets energy in motion. The company that comprises all our work is therefore called Shifting Energy. Human Innovator is an essential part of it.
Together we research Consciousness and have written blogs about our Awakening Journey from 2017 to 2021. In addition to our experiences, we have used our daily discoveries to translate the commonly known daily routines and the, still almost unknown, life as an Original Human Being in a world full of Heart Consciousness. We have translated the book published in Dutch in July 2022 into English called: "Reinstate the Original Human Being - Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life." Additionally, we create new forms of work and support various processes and organisations.
Carefulness is the core value of every Original Human Being. It means equality and self-governance to care for each other and all Creation. In practice, this means awareness of the impact of every collective and individual or personal (re)action on your fellow human environment, communication, transparency, integrity, authority, and sovereignty.
Human innovator - have a wonderful day
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