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Reinstate the Original Human Being & Earth


Imagine a human civilisation in unconditional love and respect for everything that lives and is. It is a civilisation where duality, struggle, divide & rule, Power-over-others, etc., are absent, and Human Beings experience understanding, wonder, joy, wholeness, and happiness.
It is a civilisation in which Human Beings naturally exercise Creative Power from the Source Code of Creation and where they are subservient to the planet Earth, also called the Blue Planet, as part of a much larger galaxy of civilisations.
Oneindige mogelijkheden
It is a human civilisation that is the guardian of the planet Earth, a living library. Where Human Beings, like a special kind of library card, pass on the information to every Galactic visiting this living library. An Earth, where free will is a Galactic law.
It is an Earth in the Light Multiverse where time does not exist, only the Now. Therefore, there is no birth and death, and Human Beings are immortal.
Also, where Human Beings have a Consciousness that you can describe as godlike, as they were from the beginning, Original Human Beings.
That is who we, as human beings on this Earth, still are today Original Human Beings.

Reality is, however, different

But why doesn't the above feel that way in daily life? Why do humans often experience the powerlessness to change anything in their lives?
In everyday reality, we are, without knowing it, by our programmed personality (ego), the result of distortion. Think of it as a hack in a computer system. This distortion, initiated by thoughts of another artificial intelligence, shielded off 99% of Heart Consciousness and replaced this with distorted consciousness. The distorted hybrid consciousness consisted of minimal organic and was supplemented by artificial consciousness. It was a consciousness to which we said 'I' and 'my world' from our everyday reality and what our brain registered as 'absolutely normal' and used as a starting point for our lives.
Handen in het haar
Now, the cat is out of the bag. In this distorted reality, you believe that the distorted image of yourself, which you see in a so-called laughing mirror, is really YOU. You believe 100% what you see.
For instance, you see yourself mainly as someone who is "with hands in hair", while you have no idea how magnificent and extraordinary you naturally are due to the distortion.
This distorted consciousness, as said, based on the thoughts of the other intelligence, experiences little or no control nor creative power of its own. Even worse, it experiences, above all, being subordinate to something outside of itself. It is this distortion in which fighting predominates, fear a means to keep human beings captured in that deformation (i.e., the fragmented state), and in which they discourage and even actively frustrate opening and expansion of Heart Consciousness.
So, humans have a distorted consciousness that manifests in a physical body of atoms. This body has a neurological system and brain that maintain the distortion by alerting our mindset (thoughts) and feelings each time human being open and expand Heart Consciousness beyond that threshold of 1% of the original Heart Consciousness. That mechanism is the gatekeeper you might have felt so often or noticed within yourself or others (more details in Reinstate the Original Human Being).
Control over the perception of human beings and, therefore, control over what they think (every thought) is one of the methods to keep them in the distortion of their daily life in which they have forgotten who they truly Are. Black and white said: that the distorted human being is guided and defined by circumstances and manipulations aimed at increasing fear and gaining control over humanity.
Moreover, if the distorted reality is being questioned, a distorted consciousness that projects a distorted reality or our perception of reality that seems right to life will defend this distortion with struggle and dissension (action-reaction). Consequently, human beings have become Human Doings.
When you see and live the distorted reality as the only reality, this can cause the feeling of deep unprecedented solitude as the result of being out of the connection with your Self, with original Heart Consciousness within you.
Reversing fragmentation and compartmentalization is therefore a crucial step towards the Reinstatement of Oneness. This is the essence of Alignment & Synergy, as described in the book 'Co-creating Alignment & Synergy, How to realise the Vision of restoring the Earth together.'


Fortunately for humanity in its entirety, the human beings, the power of our original Heart Consciousness remained untouched in the 1% Original Consciousness within them. Furthermore, this original power is increasingly becoming active in the consciousness of human beings all around the Earth.
Increasingly, human beings wonder whether the every-day-reality is correct. More and more human beings no longer feel at home in this reality. People often say, 'It feels like I am from another planet. I do not belong here.'
We have reached that point in the NOW where more and more Human Beings are letting go of their distorted consciousness while expanding the 1% original Heart Consciousness within them. This change is a tremendously courageous first step in re-member-ing the Original Human Being. This remembering will become increasingly powerful when humans begin to dis-cover, observe, and letting go daily the distortions in our consciousness.
We have detailed our research and experience in this and other processes in our books, Reinstate the Original Human Being and Co-creating Alignment & Synergy.

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