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Welcome to the Human Innovator website.

Human Innovator facilitates and supports the processes of expanding (opening up) your Consciousness.
You probably recognise the power of a transforming event or situation in your life or have witnessed it with someone. In a transformation, you will re-evaluate from your Inner Wisdom everything you first took for granted. That opens your Consciousness, and an expansion of your Conscious Being occurs. Humanity and the Earth together are now in the midst of an unstoppable transformation into a new era with an authentic restoration of the Earth, i.e. reinstating the Original Earth.
The facilitators of Human Innovator have extensive experience in facilitating and supporting change processes in Consciousness and daily life. The personal and professional experiences we have gained along our lives are the basis of our working method. Our starting point is your curiosity and desire to discover how you can do things differently.
What makes you happy, and how can you let this lead your life?

About the paradigm shift in Consciousness

At this time, the most remarkable reversal in human history is taking place with a paradigm shift in both Consciousness and daily life. That requires Conscious Being.
First of all, we are doing this reversal ourselves within ourselves and thus contributing to the whole. That means, among other things, integrating and releasing trauma-based (ingrained) choices, habits, and routines. The reversal also requires complete honesty with your Self and taking responsibility for it in daily life. How does your ideal world look like (vision) and your journey towards it (mission)?
Human Innovator facilitates the process of Expanding Consciousness, i.e. the paradigm shift in Consciousness. Besides, we focus also on the practical applicability in your changing daily life. You are and will remain the captain of your ship, and from this autonomous position, you will rise and let your autonomy guide you. In this, you discover a completely different story than what you learned. Moreover, you will become aware that the reality presented does not have to be your only reality. It gives you the choice and authority as to which reality you want to give your Life Force Energy.
Splitting Reality

For whom?

The activities of Human Innovator are for persons who want to strengthen the contact with themSelves and create their world from there.
You choose to be the captain of your ship. You want this autonomous position to lead in your daily life, and you want to learn or empower the necessary skills practically. You are willing to take responsibility for deprogramming and letting go of everything that prevents you from manifesting.
Does this appeal to you? Then contact us.


Rising and claiming your autonomy and authority has a significant impact on your reality.
This impact is life-changing.
It is a transition from life from the programmed brain to life from the Heart Frequency based on Life Force Energy.
This change impacts not only your life but also every life you touch with your Heart Frequency.

What you can expect

Human Innovator facilitates transformation with a view to practical applicability so that you can use it directly in your daily life. The working method is a combination of layered information, practical exercises, and interactive exchange.
We have developed it from different perspectives, sources of information and Life Inspiration aimed at paradigm shifts in Consciousness.

HI Art & Inspiratiefilms

To support the processes or as a gift, Jolande created pieces of HI Art and Cuddly dolls called Pitje Organite, which are bearers of Energy and memory of Source Frequency. In the niche webshop HI Art, you can also order an attuned piece of HI Art or Cuddly doll Pitje Organite. Our webshop InspiratieFilms has about 100 movies that invite you to look further. For more information, read further here.

Innovation session & WorkPlayshops  

You can participate in one-on-one Innovation Sessions in which your personal question or theme is central. Also, you participate in various theme workshops. We deliberately call them Playshops because it is playing in Consciousness. This playing generates fun and a high frequency. In the Innovation sessions and the Playshops, you also receive background information about how the world works. You will gain insights into how to stand up for your autonomy and shape your vision in this rapidly changing world.

What is known
no longer works,
and what does
work is yet

What stands between your creation and its manifestation?

Anticipate the emotional roller coaster of Triumph so you can fully allow your success.

Making something out of nothing is the Unique Creative Power of Man. Discover your Blueprint, why you are here on Earth.

Disconnecting from a life story that turns out not to be yours.

Innovatie session: Focused on your questions and your development

Disconnecting Script
By analogy with a script of a movie, in this Playshop, you can examine your script and decide what you want to do with it.
No Man's Land
Do you experience an imbalance because the Old does not fit anymore and the New isn’t there yet? This Playshop will help you regain your balance.
Does it just not seem to work out for you? In this Playshop, you will discover what stands between creation and manifestation.
Human Innovation Plan
Respect for your Self is necessary to comprehend your Inner Wisdom and unlock your Freedom. Your HIP is your translation of this.
Bearing Strength for Happiness
Anticipate the emotional roller coaster that can come with your triumph. You gain strength to embrace your success.
Innovation session
You are finding answers to your questions during one-on-one sessions so that you can start a different life.

BLOGS: Awakening Journey

In our blogs Awakening Journey, we write about how to Reinstate the Original Human Being in daily life. The blogs describe parts of our dis-cover-y journey in exploring Consciousness and how we, as human beings, can make use of this. We share with you our experience in Reinstating our Greatness and reclaim our Autonomy and Authority. In short, to live more and more as Original Human Beings on this planet Earth. We intend to inspire you to explore in your daily life as well as in your Consciousness.
Below you can read a short introduction to the last four blogs.
Reading guide: We wrote the blogs with layered information that can best be digested by reading them several times. We keep the blogs up to date regularly, so come back again to read the renewed blogs. In the drop-down menu, the top title is the latest blog. For an overview of all blogs, go to this page.
Rise as Human Being
By rising as a human being from the reptilian consciousness, the Original Human Consciousness regains its own place on planet Earth.
Heart Compass
By standing up for your Self, supported by your Heart Compass and Inner Strength, you contribute to the Earth Restoration Plan.
Heart & Being
The Great Change takes place because Human Beings live from the Heart. Connecting with others and the Earth makes this change now visible.
Saying Farewell
A transition can only occur when one can close the old door, say farewell to the old, and embrace the unknown new Self, the Original Human Being.

Further Information

Do you want more information or do you have a question, please get in touch with Jolande.
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