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HI Art Energy carriers with Heart frequency

In 2018, in a creative flow, Jolande created HI Art - Energy Carriers with Heart frequency. As a way of re-member-ing the Heart frequency that we are, Jolande has found a way to transform playing with the movement of paint and appealing fabrics into artworks and cuddly dolls. In her experience, an object that appeals to a person can help him to enjoy (therefore also supporting his Heart energy field) and feel revived. That is what Jolande want to pass on with her art.
Human Innovator Art
Jolande: 'For years, I have been making rags of cuddly dolls with a lot of love and frequency from the Source world. I called them "Pitje." I received enthusiastic and surprised reactions about the calming effect of these little seeds on the babies and children of the parents. Since 2017, I have been making dolls with Organite incorporated to facilitate an electro-smog-free living space where the child can stay with himself more easily and experience more peace and tranquillity. One teacher is so enthusiastic about the result of what she sees in those children that she already referred many parents.'
'From my core value, "Putting Energy into Motion," and attuned to the Heart frequency, I also make water colour drawings, paintings and painted glass and pottery. One can sense this way of working in the final piece of art, a tangible re-member-ing of Heart Consciousness that we are, that you are, and that wants to be remembered. Because of this, the works of art have the same energising and soothing effect.’

To view, buy or order the pieces of Art or Cuddly dolls Pit Organite, please go to the webshop, HI Art. Below are some examples of the Energy Carriers; click on the picture to enlarge it.


Sometimes images can say more than words. That is why we, since 2007, offer about 100 films, inviting you to look beyond the obvious, on DVDs or Blu-ray, in a separate webshop. We have selected films that can be watched several times to dis-cover a different layer each time. We call them in Dutch InspiratieFilms, being inspirational movies.
InspiratieFilms inspire, appeal to feelings, touch the Heart, broaden awareness, and increase creativity and internal motivation. They offer multiple points of view, provide food for thought, can raise questions that are far from always answered by the mind, and can make the unimaginable imaginable. As a result, InspiratieFilms are worth watching several times, and you will see that new insights and questions will emerge.
The webshop InspiratieFilms provides distinct categories of films, and a short description of the film and its trailer, so you can feel if this movie resonates with you.
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