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This blog sparked during the vacation period in 2019. Most of the residents were elsewhere on vacation, so we enjoyed the peace around us and were so said in the 'Here & Now'. We had found that acting on a situation often turns into giving a primary reaction (instinct) based mainly on self-preservation. That is the automatic reaction versus taking responsibility. We were offered an excellent example on a silver platter during a visit to the local ice cream parlour.

FieldSorbet Work

The example, that we dubbed “People’s inability to choose sorbet ice cream flavours” happened a few days ago.
Holiday feeling
We ordered an ice cream sorbet that consisted of 3 types of ice cream flavour (lemon, strawberry, and mango). Unfortunately, they had only one flavour of ice cream left. No problem, we ordered two other flavours. It took a while before they decided to make our sorbets, and again our specific taste had also run out. The servant mentioned it, and we could order a different flavour again. When he came to bring the sorbets, we gave him feedback that it was in fact, not correct that the taste we ordered ran out due to sales to new customers. His first reaction was: “I can’t do anything about it, right ?!”
We provided him with a solution to prevent such things to happen in the future. His next reaction was “But for this moment I can’t help it anymore because there were other people who also wanted that taste.” It didn’t make sense to continue, and we left it at that. While enjoying a delicious sorbet, we discussed among ourselves the phenomenon of “taking responsibility”. Things like this can happen that is true, but it is tolerated or even accepted, and subsequently a habit (“don’t worry man”).
An alternative response which we had hoped to get which would show taking responsibility would be “Indeed you have a point. I am going to discuss with my boss how we can improve this in the future”. By surprise, the owner of the place, who had witnessed our conversation with her staff member, even though she had not all ins and outs, offered us a cup coffee AND asked further feedback. We experienced this as taking responsibility. Next, she gave an interesting reply to our suggestion of letting make up-front their choice in flavours of the sorbet: When I do that, it doesn’t sell because people don’t know what is in it and they cannot make a choice themselves. So that is why I indicated on the sign what flavours are in the sorbet”. We were baffled for a moment; is it a new low level of thinking, or are these people just programmed that way?
The event in the ice cream parlour made us realize that "Responsibility" apparently has an undertone of guilt and punishment. Imagine that the responsibility as we know it here is a brain program (train of thought) and in that program, there is a fear of being held liable when things go wrong. That is why we continued our dis-covery journey.

Original Responsibility versus Programmed Responsibility

In our research, the word “Responsible” means the ability to respond. That is entirely different from a primary reaction. It is a trained skill to act in accordance with the event from your autonomous human being. Consequently, the action is in alignment with your Higher (or multi-dimensional) Self. That is what we call the ‘Original Responsibility’ that refers to ourselves, to each other and the world around us while maintaining our Autonomy and Sovereignty as Human Being. Original Responsibility requires personal thinking power, independence, and decisiveness to allow acting from Source. In other words, it requires independent integrity as Sovereign Human Being.
Shared responsibility
In the current system, the Matrix (“their world”), however, a highly modified form (corruption) of our Original Responsibility is running. This Programmed Responsibility, with a very Limited Response-Ability, provides reactions based on existing programs running in the body and mind that also offer a multitude of pre-programmed choices. This type of responsibility has nothing to do with your Supreme being. Moreover, it takes away the autonomy of a Human Being because there is, and never will, be any thought that goes beyond the framework (pre-programmed choices) of the running programs. Finally, this Programmed Responsibility is part of the global Harvesting Program because nothing happens (changes), and that, regularly harvests lifeforce energy from us through stress, chaos, discomfort, etc. are automatically generated.
Because 70-85% of the population (generally) lives this program unconsciously, there will be hardly any substantial change in Consciousness and therefore in the world in which we live. This Programmed Responsibility seems to work like hypnosis, entailing only two options with the objective of the system to physically or mentally retain and to harvest:
• Shift the responsibility onto somebody else (externalizing: “it’s not my fault, problem nor task”).
• Take on all responsibility from others (internalize: “I have to make sure nothing happens to anyone”).

Features of Shifting Responsibility

What we observe in many situations and different countries (the Netherlands and developing countries) is that the Programmed Responsibility frequently has an undertone of (is associated with) guilt and signifies the potential of being held liable when things go wrong. Moreover, making mistakes has often been made equivalent to ‘being found guilty’ with the (possibly imminent) consequence of being punished (expelled, scorned, ridiculed, fired, etc.) because of those mistakes. That mechanism settles in the human brain (software) and neurological system that, in turn, cause defensive reactions, such as:
“Everyone does it”.
• “That’s not my problem”.
• “I can’t help it”.
• “Then you or they should have done something else”.
• “That’s just the way the system is”.
• “That is not my task, that’s another fellow worker in charge”.
• “I don’t want to insult an imaginary superpower with the possibility of being punished”.
We name these thoughts the “gatekeepers” in our software that prevent us from addressing our Original Responsibility and live our autonomy. These gatekeepers can trigger definite, sensory perceptions (such as emotions, fears, anger, nerves, stuttering, dissociation, nausea, dizziness, panic attack, palpitations, guilt feelings, etc.). When we are not aware of this, our software automatically lets us identify with what we feel. That feeling can be physically or emotionally, for example; “I am fearful”. However, that feeling prevents us from realizing that we perceive only a physical sensation of “fear” in terms of  transport (of consciousness) of the human body.

Features of Taking Total Responsibility

However, taking responsibility can also tip over, hindering the ability of others to take responsibility. That can be observed, for example, in education, politics and the family. The mechanism is that one person takes away all responsibility from others, thereby overruling the sovereignty and right of self-determination of those persons. That action sparked by an internal or external gatekeeper or a survival pattern sometimes goes so far that it resembles exercising control in the domain of the other under the guise of “love for the other” and “being helpful”. Especially this year (2020), similar mechanisms do occur worldwide.
Shared responsibility
The result of this Taking-Total-Responsibility-program is, for example, a mutual dependence (symbiosis) within the family and the abolishment of all individual autonomies of the other family members. Consequently, own thinking ability and independence to take responsibility for oneself are strongly restricted and even disempowered: “If it becomes too difficult, come to us, and we will help you out”. In case a person takes responsibility for oneself and makes a choice independently, the other family members will call that selfish and irresponsible. That, in turn, leads to physical reactions (body sensations) and bit by bit obedience to this type of Programmed Responsibility takes over from the Original Responsibility.
We can recognize this mechanism also in developing countries, where an NGO or donor takes the role of the parent in deciding for their target groups what to do. The local population was and, in most cases, continues to be invalidated in their independent thinking power and thus kept in the hypnosis of the saviour program.
Shared responsibility

Returning to your Original Responsibility

The following questions need to be answered now: "How do you change this apparent blockage" and "How can you let the Original Responsibility be prevalent again"?
The very first step is to map out the programs that are running in you concerning responsibility. After all, for lack of awareness and too little Original Responsibility, the hypnosis of the Matrix with their sometimes subtle but always dominant Programmed Responsibilities could continue to affect you.
The next step for real change is to take ownership of where you are NOW. After all, if you do not know where you stand (starting point A), you can never hit the road to achieving your goal (point B). Point A is, therefore, your authentic starting point concerning the destination you are pursuing. This simple but powerful action (from our perspective and our professional experiences) means that you observe yourself honestly and without judgment. Subsequently, you determine what vision, talents, resources and possibilities you have NOW, where your intrinsic motivation scores the highest, and where you still have to improve your skills, resources and search for options. After all, without knowing A, you will never reach B.
Keep in mind that making a comparison of your authentic starting point with the (apparent) starting point of another person, is part of the same hypnosis mentioned above whereby they could harvest your lifeforce energy again. It requires thus constant vigilance and awareness to take ownership of where you stand in every moment of the NOW.
The next step towards Original Responsibility is tapping into our virtue of courage to change thinking patterns. It is the courage to abandon the literally fast known connections in our brain (“the highway”) and to create new, still unknown (“the dirt road) links. That may concur initially with anxiety and unrest. Therefore, we must be Fearless and think from our sovereignty from where it is evident that excuses are just a mind-fuck game of gatekeepers and nothing else!
Finally, deal with the programmed responsibility and gatekeepers. Regarding Shifting Responsibility: Step out of the experience (and the other reactions) by labelling it, detach from it and go back to observing. That will offer space to investigate the whole picture, and only then act. Become aware of your gatekeepers: we must learn to observe them as a ‘painting’ and increasingly realize that it is a sensation that is entirely different from whom you are or what you have.
Brutal honesty, Inner Work and unconditional compassion for your self is the key in this Awakening Journey.


By doing Inner Work on the theme of “Responsibility”, we could shed some light on both Programmed and Original Responsibility in ourselves and the world.
That is where we are now: clarity about our starting point A to be able to go to B. We first had to recognize and acknowledge our Programmed Responsibility to subsequently dis-cover and reclaim our Original Responsibility and Autonomy (an active act from Source Being). That also means that we take our Original Responsibility for the choices we make and the actions we undertake with the associated consequences. Using the observing mode and discussing our discoveries, we increased our Original Responsibility and stopped Programmed Responsibility and other limiting programs.
It has become clear that a transition from symbiosis and dependence to Original Responsibility must go hand in hand with raising Consciousness and learning to create a new reality again (making and executing a plan).
Shared responsibility
From here we can create Now in every moment to shape Our World. Our plan (vision) appears to have been our guideline for years, namely acting according to events based on ourselves (Original Responsibility). At the moment, we feel and know what needs to happen NOW and act accordingly. We keep each other sharp as partners and teammates by doing Inner work together and above all, observing “behind the scenes of this apparent reality”. That is always our starting point to manifest our life here.
All is done without any need for external approval or applause. That brings inner joy and peace (being content) during our awakening journey that you can never compare with an externally induced joy (material matters, etc.).

Film tip: Proxima

Jolande & Niek
29 August 2019, update 9 October 2020
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