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The illogicality of change
for the personality

2. Reptilian Brain and the Creating Human Being

In this blog, as part of our research in Consciousness, we will discuss the causes of stress and resistance when we want to change our Self and our life to become again the Original, Creating Human Being that we are in Essence.

Birth of the brain

The anatomy of the human body taught us that the brain consists of different parts, each with its task and function in the human body. The foetus develops first the fish brain (not being aware of the environment) next, the reptilian brain (being aware of the environment and preserving species). Subsequently, it develops the mammalian brain (also called the social brain) and the human brain (processing information and reasoning).
Below, we will describe in more detail the reptilian brain, because it works autonomously and ensures survival as human species. In case of imminent danger (determined by the thalamus, another essential core of the brain), a chain reaction of stress hormones kicks in that programs the body to automatically keep the body alive ('safeguard our body') through three impulses: fighting, fleeing or freezing. The 'divide and conquer'-programme comes from the reptilian brain, which can manifest itself in various ways in the Matrix. People who have a reptilian brain as their guiding principle have no self-reflection nor forgiveness; after all, there is no connection with the Heart. They disguise this with (exaggerated) socially desirable behaviour as a weapon ("I mean it so well").

Excessive stress in the body

In our western society, we have been raised (programmed) in such a way that it is inappropriate to express these three types of automatic reactions to (imminent) danger. Imagine that when your boss treats you so unfair and rude that you would rather punch him in the face, you will generally suppress this automatic response. After all, you do not want to lose your job, you are too polite for that, you are afraid of setting your limits or anxiously complying with legislation. However, if you did give in to these instincts, you would complete the physical movement that the body itself initiated. Complying to such action allows the body to burn out the created stress hormones.
Reptilian brain
Stopping this movement causes the creation of a heap of waste of unbranded stress hormones that, in turn, makes the brains dirty and disturbs the natural cleansing of all body cells and organs. The night usually serves as a moment of rest for the body to carry out a physical cleansing, but the polluted brain requires so much time that there is not enough time left to clean all the other vital organs.
When a person does not find a constructively accepted way (such as sports, gardening, walking, making music, sex, etc.) to vent (burn) excess stress hormones, organs may malfunction, and the brain will be over-stimulated; it stops functioning. We call this a burnout; the body is physically burned out (with associated emotional consequences).

Observing begins

When you wake up from sleep with a feeling of stress in your body (the internal clock is then again, unconsciously or through dreams, turned uptight!), your first (unconscious) reaction is from the instinct to fight, flee, or freeze. Either way, you have to realise that this reaction happens automatically through the body (and therefore independently of your Consciousness) to regain fast control of the experienced restlessness. This mechanism can be, for example, a cigarette, coffee, alcohol, medication, compulsive behaviour, morning mood, exercising power, etcetera.
We started to observe this phenomenon and discovered that when waking up from sleep, the Consciousness in the situation described above is then fragmented. As if a paper shredder has shredded the Human Consciousness during the night. The result can influence the start of the day in such a way that a person first has to literally and figuratively pick himself up and arm himself before he can face the world (compare it to a knight in his armour). That is anything but starting the day as a creating Human Being.

Observing some deeper layers

By observing this further, we discovered the following. Before a Human Being is physically born into this manipulated and controlled reality, the Original Human Consciousness goes through seven layers of manipulation. The intention is that humans are compatible, physically and mentally fit (the so-called 'factory setting') to function in the manipulated reality on planet Earth. During that process, fragmentation of Consciousness continued and combined with reception of other downloads such as the program of your (ancestral) parents and mental and physical boundaries with the corresponding alarm signals.
One step further, we found out that the Creating Human Beings originates from the field of Original Consciousness with 100% Oneness: All That Is.
However, at some point in time (in the end, time does not exist, but for us, this is still a point of reference), a first hack has taken place that has fragmented this Oneness. This fragmentation process continued in each layer of Consciousness until it was decided to perform a galactic experiment at a certain level in Consciousness. This experiment intended to allow Humanity to reverse this process. Secondly, to independently Re-member a) who they are, in Essence, and where they originally came from, and b) that this high frequency of Consciousness is still present in them and assists in restoring their Original Oneness. Therefore, on a copy of the Original Earth (the 5th Dimension), scattered Human Beings started living their lives to Re-member out of free will.
Heart connection
However, some 16,500 years ago, this experimental reality was hacked by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for only one purpose: to make Humanity forget that it is originally 100% Consciousness and known as Divine Source Being. For them, this means that society should be 100% docile. Until very recently, that AI-controlled the reality of planet Earth (also called the 3rd Dimension or the Matrix). The most effective way to get Creating Human Beings (Original Consciousness) docile was to bring the still present Creative power to zero. Through all kinds of manipulations and insertions, this AI also made Humanity believe that Source Power (Creative Ability) lies outside of itself and used humanity as a battery (Life Energy).
Although these fragments of Consciousness are scattered in time and space and are only minimally connected, their frequency is still present to Re-Member humanity that they are Creating Original Consciousness, the Original Human Beings. Unfortunately, for a large part of humanity in its current state, the existence of these fragments of Consciousness is still unimaginable. Consequently, people consider the creating force from power Within unattainable, and most of them settle for limp infusions and addictions. However, from our Higher or Multiple Self, you and we have volunteered to realise this Re-membering on this planet Earth. Voluntary but not without obligation; we have a job to do here.

Creating Human Being

The current Creating Human Being uses only 1% of Original Consciousness through the above-described hacks in Consciousness. In daily life, the average Human sees unfortunately even less, only 0.005%. A human being can see 40 images per second, while a dragonfly can see 230. If a Human Being saw what a dragonfly sees, they would be declared mentally ill. Because of all this, it seems as if Human Beings are entirely isolated from their Origins. Moreover, any idea that there is an Inner Origin has been skilfully removed from our history and, conversely, included as an external origin in the Matrix as a belief program (Christianity, Islam, Hindu, New Age, Sprituality, Guru's, etc.). Consequently, these programs have nothing to do with our Inner Origin.
Do you also recognise that when you critically examine the presented perception of reality, including the self-image imposed on you and us (the Personality), it is being wiped out, ridiculed, laughed at, fooled, made hovering and attacked. In other words, what the system wants you to believe is “You may only live in oppression, and if you do not accept this, then it is swallowing or suffocating”. So-called 'Gatekeepers of the 1% Consciousness' are responsible for this stringent control. These gatekeepers do their work through neurological reactions in the body, emotions, people's statements, thoughts, dreams, etc. They come in all kinds of forms that make us feel, seemingly genuine and irreconcilable, that when we visibly start perceiving outside of that 1% Consciousness, this is not tolerated in the Matrix.
Vaguely realising that you are a Consciousness aware of what it feels like to be connected, loved and safe, this usually unconscious memory is omnipresent.
From this deep Inner Knowing, the personality feels very lonely and unsafe by the teariness plus insertions we experience in our Consciousness. Besides, the basic program Fear is continuously present, being reinforced by the actions of the gatekeepers as mentioned above. Consequently, our personality experiences the threat of 'like it or lump it' in many ways at different moments. Especially at moments, when we begin to re-member who we are in Essence, what an enormous creative power we have and realise that the fears presented to us are only illusions to get us back in the pigeonhole.

Application in daily life

How can you apply the above in your daily life? The Essence is to retake ownership of your life. Doing your research provides new information about what is true for you and how you shape your life. Everything you collect in information is worth checking if it is right for you to accept it. Most of the information is already present within You.
Changing, as in Becoming Whole again, becoming the Creating Human Being again, implies to discern, recognise, let go of and rewriting the inserted programmes from the Healed Consciousness. Doing this is a conscious choice of yours. It requires courage because it is contradictory to your personality, and it challenges you to deal differently with the sometimes-violent reactions of the personality, i.e. the installed programmes. You will therefore become increasingly different (as in Divergent) in and for this Matrix, which can trigger your personality and especially the reptilian brain to interpret it in various ways (denial, loneliness, victimhood. etc.) and also react to it (as described above). All old reference points will cease to provide the entrusted result, and you will learn to stay more and more in your Heart, which knows no fears!
By continuing to look behind the scenes of given reality and daring to think, feel and see the unthinkable, there comes increasingly more space for a paradigm shift in your Consciousness, and you will create new reference points. Keep your focus on the Oneness you are, behind the illusion of fear!
For further details, please continue reading in Part 3 of the Trilogy: Taking Responsibility.

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Jolande & Niek
March 2018; last revision 21 November 2021.
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