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The Delusion of the Day

You most probably recognise it; you get up in the morning, and you planned to do a lot but again and again, something comes in between that demands your attention and before you realise it you have done about everything except what you originally planned to do. We call this “Living the Delusion of the Day”.
The Delusion of the day can be on the one hand for one person a nice challenge to deal during the well-known flow of what presents itself. On the other hand, by putting all the focus that the Delusion of the day requires it can be a chaotic experience for another person, even causing the person to lose his way and jeopardise his or her planning ultimately. Of course, there are all the options in between.
This blog invites you to explore how the Delusion of the day is working in your life.

The actuality of the year 2020

Remarkably, we wrote this blog in December 2019, and now almost a year later, we can see and experience how up-to-date the information has become. Hence, it may be even more telling for you to read this blog (again) and take advantage of it in the NOW.

Definition of Delusion of the Day

Let us start with the definition of Delusion to obtain common ground. Merriam-webster‘s dictionary gives the following: 1a) something that is falsely or delusively believed or propagated, and 1b) psychology: a persistent false psychotic belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is maintained despite indisputable evidence to the contrary, and 2) the act of tricking or deceiving someone: the state of being deluded.
The Delusion of the Day, therefore, describes an abnormal situation based on feelings and ideas that are unrealistic, and yet being experienced as real. This reality is the effect of a kind of enchantment that like a filter overlies the original reality and results in a different experience.
An excellent analogy is when you photoshop (use technology) a photo (the original reality) to create an alternative, different version of the authentic reality. The manipulated version is usually indistinguishable from real (the experience). You may say that the new image or perception of the photo (reality) has been changed by technology into an illusion (Delusion) of the original reality. In real life, in our consciousness, we or others can influence the perception of reality resulting in the replacement of the original reality by a manipulated reality. OOPS.
When this “enchantment” is subsequently endorsed by the environment and the person him/herself as being THE truth, then it gains the power of a hypnotic effect in the consciousness of that person.

The Delusion of the Day in our daily life

The Delusion of the Day is generally directly associated with people under pressure by their work, such as entrepreneurs, bosses, stock market traders, managers, directors, and donors. People who must keep all balls in the air at the same time, who are subject to specific deadlines, must deal with clients, staff, projects, their management or board that pulls them, etc. However, also in our ordinary life, we encounter attention suckers. Examples are, e.g. the bank (debt or mortgage), landlord, employer, corporate culture, business protocols, tax authorities, partner, (grand) children, family, social contacts, volunteering, etcetera. Not to mention of our internal voice that has an opinion about everything and often makes a judgment about ourselves that is seldom uplifting. Therefore, if we take a peek behind the scenes, we can also see the Delusion of the day reflected in the daily life of people who a) have no plan and focus, b) don’t take responsibility to keep their focus on their mission or to execute that plan, and c) are unconsciously guided by the circumstances and their environment.
In these situations, we give away easily personal responsibility (Response Ability), and start the so-called “excuse behaviour”. Examples of such excuse behaviour are reactions like: “It was a madhouse here, I could not help it, it happened to me, sorry this is the way it is, I have completely no influence on it”, “They don’t do it, so why should I do it?”, “Everyone does it”, “Life is just like that” or “When you’re done for a double, you won’t get a quarter”. It is evident; this behaviour is the result of a subtle process. You can compare it best to a frog in slow-warming water that does not realise at all that it is slowly being cooked until it is too late.
In our observation, this excuse behaviour is real Delusion or even hypnosis. As a result, “It was a madhouse here, I could not help it, it happened to me, sorry, this is the way it is, I have completely no influence on it” is accepted as a completely normal fact. While it is, from our point of view, only an expression of a persistent (subconscious) belief “I live the altered reality like my original reality”. This altered reality based on the “enchantment”, fragments the attention of a Human Being. This fragmentation occurs to such an extent that one tries to get everything so hard under control while acting more or less like a chicken with its head cut.
This neurotic (compulsive) control behaviour does consume so much energy that the Human Being has no energy nor thinking power left to reclaim his or her authority (“What do I want again?”). Because of this, the person hands over unconsciously one’s authority to external powers (such as circumstances, government, religion, money, time, distance, etc.) with the direct result that the Human Being is incapable of doing something except for obeying that external power. This process also implies that Human Beings accept themselves as slaves of the so-called power of the Delusion of the Day to meet their requirements.

How the Delusion of the Day increasingly en-Slave-s

Merriam-Webster's definition of Slave is: A) a person held in servitude as the chattel of another, B) one that is entirely subservient to a dominating influence, and C) a device (such as the printer of a computer) that is directly responsive to another.
When we look around now, it seems evident that many people take the Delusion of the Day enchantment so seriously that they have become slaves to external power, namely “The System”. The system uses manipulation (think of the editing techniques of an original photo)  frequently to oppress humanity (“If you don’t do …..., you know the consequences”). By consistently considering these potential consequences, unconsciously or deliberately loaded with the sense of an inescapable threat and a trigger of insecurity when we fail to obey, the daily life of many Human Beings turned into mere survival. That contradicts the unique right and ability of Human Beings to create.
How come that we (still) accept this? To better understand the answer to this, we must first take a step back and view the origin and the role of the system.

Origin and the manipulating role of the current system

The origin of the current system (within the Matrix) lies in a well-considered plan from 1876 by a small group of people (the well-known 1%) who wanted to create a New World Order on Earth. The ultimate goal was a total change of the Human Beings on earth to gain complete control over humanity. One of the principles was ‘When you control people’s perception, consequently you control their behaviour and thinking pattern’.
This scenario has been completed with the enormous technological development of the past 80 years, such as all smart devices, computers, internet, open software, apps and the technology behind, for example, Facebook and Netflix. We now use a lot of this technology in our daily lives. We are so used to their ease that we can no longer imagine a life without them. In other words, we have been en-slave-d.
What most people don’t (want to) know is that this “convenience of technology” is also a deliberate means to keep people busy and distracted from their perceptiveness and autonomy. After all, being already fragmented in attention (focus) by the Delusion of the Day, this “ease of technology” sucks further attention from us. Consequently, we become even more fragmented. Many people have almost always their attention on their smartphone, and they walk unaware of their surroundings with bowed heads. Therefore, they do not notice any longer what is directly happening and changing around them. It is therefore not surprising that people no longer make contact with each other when they are waiting for a train or bus. Moreover, some no longer talk to each other but app their message. This way has become such a habit that they do not accept any comments because “Everyone does it” (excuse behaviour).
Furthermore, the system has devised another plan to make and keep us numb and as a zombie by presenting an interpretation (enchantment) of the reality that only serves the establishment of the New World Order. For this manipulation, they use mainly two techniques that we will explain briefly: brainwashing and Social Engineering.
Brainwashing occurs through, among other things, subliminal messages. A subliminal message is a signal or message, hidden in a medium, and intended to be passed on without being consciously noticed. The subconscious mind can process these messages and subsequently encourage particular behaviour (e.g. by your choice how to spend your money, e.g. Black Friday, but also worse such as the so-called lonely wolves).
Another may be less-known technique is deploying famous people (e.g. a newsreader, talk show host, actor/actress or musician). They, through their profession, win first the trust of the public, and then repeat the same message several times and thereby endorsing it in various forms.
Thirdly, conscious use is made of hypnosis techniques on TV, in the cinemas and on social media, for example, in the opening tune of a news program. Just notice how each news program has an opening with rotating circles, this has an (unknowingly) hypnotic effect in our brain, so that we absorb the (subliminal) messages in the news like a sponge.
As a result of the three techniques (or possibly more), the image of reality (enchantment) is forced on us unnoticed and sanctioned through various channels. By repeating the same message over and over again, even a lie eventually becomes a truth in people’s minds. It also means that we by now unconsciously only accept the manipulated perception of reality and then refer to it ourselves (it is true because it was on The News and people see it around them and experience it in their daily lives). In this way, our Original Power that we All are is inverted into selfishness and unloving behaviour and do we keep each other unconsciously in the manipulated version of the original reality.
Social engineering is a discipline in social science that refers to efforts to influence particular attitudes and social behaviours on a large scale, whether by governments, media or private groups to produce desired characteristics in a target population. Social engineers use the scientific method to analyse and understand social systems to design the appropriate techniques to achieve the desired results in human subjects (source Wikipedia).
The system uses for Social Engineering, especially subsystems such as family culture, religion, corporate culture, relationships, club life, service clubs, etc. After all, within the subsystems, Social Engineering takes its determining shape. In combination with the accepted excuse behaviour, we hold each other in the grip with expectations, and we even correct each other in this.

From A to B

To go to ‘B’, we first have to know ‘A’. In summary, ‘A’ is characterised by having most people being mainly in a “survival” mode in the Delusion of the day. They try to keep their heads above water in the best possible way and to keep everyone happy who puts a claim on their attention while their excuse behaviour functions as a final safety belt.
We seem thus to live in a system that thoroughly demands our attention. As a result, it appears that we also have no time left to reflect what the system requires from us and consider the consequences of our decisions. After all, integrity (connected to the heart, the heart frequency) is the first thing that falls apart in the Delusion of the Day. To survive, the Human Doing seeks salvation in running the mind at full capacity whereby one loses the connection with the heart. Because we as Original Human Being are honest (integer), the Human Doing seeks so-called protection in the Delusion of the Day in order not to feel the lack of integrity, with the associated consequences of doing again …. (fill the blank yourself). Many people end up or have ended up in a negative spiral because of this mechanism. Now that this is clear, we can turn this around.

How to Proceed?

The first step to moving forward is to take a step back and ask yourself the following questions: “How close am I to the boiling point in the Delusion of the day?” and “How do I react when the Delusion of the day is inhibiting my own plan or appointment?
By giving answers to those questions, you have started to become aware of your world view, and you can begin to distinguish between an original reality and an enchanted reality. You can also recognise and acknowledge where you have submitted your Natural Integrity to serve the system, at the expense of yourself and others. Accompanying questions are among others: “When and where did you lose yourself (or a part thereof) by only being of value to something or someone else, by adapting yourself or making a compromise?” and “to who could I say sorry because I was out of integrity with them?
Imagine that you release the value that you mean for something or someone from your system of functioning and make autonomous choices. What does this evoke? And does that come from within yourself or from the inserted manipulations and indoctrinations? What do you choose as an Original Human Being? The Original Human Being is autonomous, uncompromising and lives together with others in a deep awareness of and love for the power in himself and the other. These are the questions we also referred to in the blog “Take Authority”.
It is crystal clear that the time is NOW to reclaim your true freedom and fully deploy your Original Power from your heart for yourself and humanity as a whole. It also requires courage and strength to be deviant and to ask those (sometimes) challenging questions. In this process, you will come across many indoctrinations and manipulations of beliefs and feelings within yourself that seem so real that it exceeds a rollercoaster trip. Our experience is that they dissolve in owning them, sometimes very quickly and sometimes after some time, but eventually they all disappear.
By re-examining all these thoughts and feelings from the perspective of your Original Autonomous Consciousness, you transform your reality into a reality in which you live and propagate your truth.

Jolande & Niek
December 2019 (updated 6 October 2020)
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