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The Unknown sets Free

We almost hear you say it is "Unknown, unloved", isn't it? Indeed, so the saying goes. However, in everyday life, the expression works as a fear-based command. Looking back at everything that happened in 2020 combined with the presented reality of the events surrounding the elections in America and their impact, almost forces us to deal with the presented reality differently.
In our perception, we are in the middle of implementing on Earth the timeline in which consciousness opens up, and Human Beings claim their own identity. A reality in which we, as humanity, live together in peace, respect, tolerance, and freedom. A world that turns out to be bigger than Earth and contact with extraterrestrial civilisations is ordinary.

We know the outcome, only the journey to it is unknown

Hoe schril in contrast met de uitkomst die we weten, staan de berichten over de gepresenteerde werkelijkheid die we zien en horen op het nieuws van de TV, internet en andere media. Dit contrast gaf op 6 januari een ongemakkelijk gevoel en onrust in het lichaam bij ons en veel andere mensen. Tijdens het waarnemen van onze fysieke reacties, vertaald door ons brein, kwam als thema ‘onbekend, niet weten’ naar boven.
How sharply in contrast to the outcome we know, the reports on the presented reality that we see and hear are on the news from TV, the Internet, and other media. This contrast gave many people, including us, a feeling of discomfort and restlessness in our bodies on 6 January. While observing our physical reactions, translated by our brain, the theme ' Unknown, not knowing' emerged.
not knowing evkoes fear

Not knowing the unknown

Returning to the saying "Unknown, unloved" (or "What we don't know, we fear"), we took a closer look at the hologram of the Unknown. First of all, we see Unknown as an undescribed sheet. It is a space, an emptiness, which may or may not be filled in or used. The next question immediately comes to mind: "Who or what could fill this, and for whose benefit?"
Next, we see and recognise the brain in cooperation with the neurological system as a body matrix. So, the human reacts as a matrix within the Matrix, or to say it differently an internal matrix resonates with the controlled reality's external matrix. Two reactions can now arise: going along with the external matrix (addicted to it with a programmed response that eventually becomes routine), or disconnecting from the external matrix, and taking authority over the internal matrix.
The latter implies going straight through the neurological reactions, and therefore, getting into not knowing. That requires courage and trust in your own Wisdom and the outcome and not to believe (and express - make real - in the external matrix) everything you think and feel. These thoughts and feelings can be echoes of both the internal and external matrix.
Barring exceptions, most people respond according to the physical and neurological reactions mentioned above to choose safety and preferably guaranteed body protection. That is why the Unknown is not popularly loved, and preferably avoided.

Looking for the Unknown

The Unknown may be imaginable, something like a new education, a new love, etc., but it can also be unimaginable like the future. Visible nor tangible evidence of primary 'survival' does support the Unknown, and subsequently, the brain (software) translates the signals as 'danger' on which the neurological system immediately takes action.
In the Unknown emptiness, the brain initially reacts overactive (sometimes comparable to panic) with all kinds of thoughts and solutions to instantly calm the triggered neurological system. After all, the brain has no imagination; it only builds on or repeats existing concepts. Therefore, the brain will fill in the void with a 1 or a 0 (known concepts for the brain)). The physical inner matrix will look for this in the external matrix, the presented world of something or someone who (seemingly) has the authority to offer a 1 or a 0.
We also examined the latter and felt the sucking sensory effect of the external matrix that wanted to fill the void of the unknown future repeatedly (see our blog about senses). Therefore, it is the Main-Stream Media's role, among others, to fill this void for you with programmed messaging on behalf of third parties. Literally, it could claim all the time and attention that would leave no silence and space to observe and listen to our own Heart Information.

Embracing the emptiness of the unknown

In the old-controlled reality "Unknown, unloved" was created to prevent you from discovering the richness of your Inner Knowingness in the emptiness of the so-called unknown.
Infinite possibilities
In our perception and experience, embracing the Unknown's emptiness is more than just bringing your brain, your head, to silence. Fully experiencing Not knowing widens your consciousness so that you can experience an Inner Knowing. In this Inner Knowingness, you will find possible outcomes and experience confidence in choosing your path to an outcome, no matter how the internal or external matrix manifests itself. Remember that sometimes it is necessary to go from A to B first as a means to reach C or D.
Going straight through the emptiness of the unknown ensures that you will find out and experience that you have been Al-Ways All-knowing. The brain falls silent, and your Heart speaks. It generates life force energy within you for yourself so that you are genuinely Self-sufficient on your path.
No matter how the outside world shows itself, no matter how your brain and the neurological system reacts to it, no matter which programs in your software are triggered, deprogram them and focus on your Heart Information and Inner Knowingness. Let that information guide your reality, and how you want to be in your life. Your Inner Knowing will generate the Light and Consciousness that have already created the outcome.

Film tips: Abigail; Official Secrets.

Jolande & Niek
10 January 2021.
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