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In the previous blogs, we have written a lot about the Matrix’s effects on our lives and how we can deal with it. However, that world is rapidly approaching its end. We are in the final phase of the Great Change, after which, as we see it, humans can live fully from the Heart and as Original Human Beings. The programmed Human Doing (the one who does) will change into the Human Being (the one who is). This blog will elaborate on the Heart’s ‘What to do next’.
Great Change

The brain controlled; the Heart trusts

We are now all making the transition. Because the Heart is already or will be in charge, that becomes life-threatening for the programmed personality in the Matrix. With the disappearance of the old control or reference points, the brain and the connected neurological system may initially lose their grip. Typical reactions are, for example, confusion, feeling lost, uncertainty, reacting like a ‘chicken without a head’, and being out of control.
That is why it is essential to defragment the brain and the neurological system by linking it to the physical Heart as a hold. Therefore, you give a galactic command from your intention and imagination. For example: “All that has been fragmented is now defragmented”. Next, you feel the energy first in your head, then in your Heart, and subsequently, you let these two energy fields merge.
By doing so, we rewrite any form of control (thoughts and feelings) in our brain from our Hearts and transform it into Trust. Every brain that works together with the Heart in harmony with the Earth to get the best out of every human being experiences no stress or overstrained neurological system. Everything in the mind and body, and therefore, in our Consciousness, functions in a Natural Balance serving the Force of Life.
We may still have to deal with the Reptilian Consciousness and our Reptilian Brain in the coming days, the so-called dark days before Christmas, but their power will gradually diminish further. We strengthen ourselves by being consciously present in the Now and returning to the Heart. We want to offer you an entrance point as a way to support this.

In everyday life: No-Response & Returning to the Heart

Remember that it is, in fact, the personality that responds when it is triggered by what is said or done in daily life. The trigger can be something tiny, but then it is connected to an old trauma (that we want to avoid). Our actual neurological system has a highway to our Reptilian brain in our head and usually a minor road to our Heart. However, by nature, our Heart always comes up with No-Response in the first place. Focusing on that deprives the acting system or another person of the harvest of your energy (response), and the agitation will eventually stop. The main question you can ask yourself is: “From which field do you want to react; from your Heart and source or your triggered personality?”
The exercise has the following steps:
  1. Notice that you are triggered and (literally) take a step back;
  2. Give the command in yourself: ”Everything that was fragmented is now defragmented”.
  3. Stop reacting to and thinking about the event; don’t give it any more attention;
  4. Go to your Heart with your attention, literally feel your energy there and feel the Truth;
  5. Breathe through and notice that your initial reaction fades and finally disappears. A shift in Consciousness has taken place; you are back in your Original Human Consciousness.

The way forward from the Heart

Practice makes perfect. In our experience, this also applies to transforming the minor road into a highway to the Heart. Through this, your Heart will automatically react in a neutral way when there is a trigger and will not let itself be pulled into the black hole of the event. Simultaneously, the old energy-consuming system in your Consciousness and the collective Consciousness will shrink. Subsequently there will be increasingly less connection to triggers in you.
As a result, every moment of the day, you have the choice to control your life and the reality you create: from your Heart or the programmed brain or neurological system. That implies building up a conscious awareness about your control mode.
By living from the Heart, we not only feel differently, but we also act differently. We then resonate with other persons who also live from the Heart. That is why we have a natural click with those persons (without the brain understanding it).
Because the planet Earth also has a Heart field, a powerful Heart resonance field or Heart frequency field is created.
That is the Great Change for Humanity and the planet.

Being in the Heart-frequency field
The Heart frequency field is expanded by the Heart-to-Heart connections between people in a group (e.g. family, friends, strangers, etc.) who want to manifest a creation together from their hearts and with Life Force Energy. The Heart frequency field is so powerful that any dissonance is self-evidently absent.
Imagine that you are the frog in the pan of slowly warming water (a metaphor for the Matrix’s influences) and that you now suddenly live in a natural surrounding without those influences. In our belief, all kinds of qualities come up in the Human Being that we would call Original.
For example, there is natural compassion and cooperation in which synergy and alignment to higher goals are central. After all, our Heart always has a greater interest as focus than its own, and it has equal attention for all stakeholders.

Co-creation from the Heart

From the Heart, the human creates as a creator in the flow of Life Force Energy. From this flow, the Life Force Energy returns to the creator in the form of the manifestation. Both creation and manifestation are Life Force Energy; the seeker and the sought are the same. Conversely, when the creator fights back and closes the door to the manifestation, the returning Life Force Energy will stand in front of a closed door. The creator will then not experience a manifestation of his creation. It remains a beautiful experience to feel when the Life Force Energy flows through you, and the creation manifests itself without the interference of the brain or the personality.
The next logical step is for us, as Original Human Beings, to create together, to co-create. Co-creating, which is more than co-operating and dividing tasks, is making a basis for building something together and for manifesting. In co-creation, all participants are equal creators in every part of the manifestation. It is a group of people who, being equal, formulate and own the Vision, Mission and Strategy for their family, organisation, company, club, project, foundation, and so on.
Co-creating serves the greater whole of allowing Life Force Energy to flow from the Heart frequency field. Co-creating takes place in an energy field that all the people in the group support and in which everyone owns the way forward.

The Great Change

We are all the Great Change by living together from the Heart, and nothing can be done about it. Because of this, humanity will be able to live on this planet again as an Original Human Being. The whole Heart resonance field of the Earth and its inhabitants will thus restore the hack of 16,500 years ago, and in this way, the letter ‘h’ in the word ‘Earth’ will return in the right place: ‘Heart’.
Consequently, the planet Earth (‘Heart’) is back in its original position as Heart of the Light Multiverse. This Galactic Oneness of Heart-frequency is all-embracing, and everything that moves in it and does not resonate with it disappears. All is forgiven!

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Jolande & Niek
19 December 2021
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