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Awakening Journey - Overview of blogs

In our blogs Awakening Journey, we write about how to Reinstate the Original Human Being in daily life. The blogs describe parts of our dis-cover-y journey in exploring Consciousness, and how we, as human beings, can make use of this. We share with you our experience in Reinstating our Greatness and reclaim our Autonomy and Authority. In short, to live more and more as Original Human Being on this planet Earth. We intend to inspire you to explore in your daily life as well as in your Consciousness.
Below you can read a short introduction to the blogs in chronological order.
Reading guide: We wrote the blogs with layered information that can best be digested by reading them several times. We keep the blogs up to date regularly, so come back again to read the renewed blogs. Please use your intuition what to read and where you want to start. When you do not know where to start and are new to the subject, we recommend starting at the beginning.

Unplug the Matrix

"Unplug the Matrix" appeals to us to literally take distance from that virtual reality in which we live that seems so lifelike. How do you do that?

T1. Power within

Part one of the Trilogy The illogicality of change for the personality. Power Within is unique and yet the same to everyone. How is that so?

Unexpected clarity

Observing in everyday life is a skill we all have. In this blog, an example of how that works in what was then considered a dangerous Brussels.

Tree on our car

Being present in the cause, just before the moment of impact, changes the outcome in your reality. How does that work in everyday life and for you?
T3. Taking Authority
Part 3 of the Trilogy The illogicality of change for the personality. How do we find our wholeness in a fragmented world?
What are the prospects for freedom? Even in 2019, this was an important question which we have already answered with various examples.
Where does change begin? Sometimes by reacting to someone or to a situation in a different way. It is the ability to respond harmoniously.

T2. Reptilian Brain

The second part of the Trilogy The illogicality of change for the personality. What are the causes of stress and resistance when we want to change?
Live Pure Happiness

Certainly, now? Impossible! Nevertheless, we would like to take you along in our thinking that the change in the world starts with your Happiness.
Oneness &
Splitting Reality
The world seeks Oneness, and for that Human Beings must withstand all pressures while focussing on the way forward.

1. Being Special

That is a striking program that allows us to become aware of all the games in the world. It helps us also to transcend towards Original Human Being.
Delusion of the Day

Without realising it often, you are very busy fulfilling someone else’s plan. What is really happening? That is what this blog is about.
Unknown sets Free
By observing the internal matrix and disconnecting it from the external matrix, you can enter the unknown. That opens up a range of possibilities.
Self Trust
Increasing our Self Trust is the key to liberation. What roles do our neurological system and society play in this, and how can you apply this in daily life?
Saying Farewell
A transition can only occur when one can close the old door, say farewell to the old, and embrace the unknown new Self, the Original Human Being.
2. Role of the Senses
Insights into how our senses determine our lives, and how we can stop unwanted responses that limit us and live more from the Heart.
Rise as Human Being
By rising as a human being from the reptilian consciousness, the Original Human Consciousness regains its own place on planet Earth.
Heart Compass
By standing up for your Self, supported by your Heart Compass and Inner Strength, you contribute to the Earth Restoration Plan.
Heart & Being
The Great Change takes place because Human Beings live from the Heart. Connecting with others and the Earth makes this change now visible.
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