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Passage through the Experience

Awareness has many forms. Some people go on a course and think That is it. In our experience, it only really starts after that course. Daily life is the ‘school of learning’ because what we have learned then becomes an essential part of us. It seeps as, so to speak, through our whole manifestation on this Earth to eventually allow us to realise that we as Original Human Being are undefined Consciousness. To get to that point, however, we must go through the experience literally and figuratively.
This blog is a diptych. We first take the entrance of Being Special and in the second part, our senses or sensory experience to clarify the above.

Being Special

How often do we use the words What special, You are special and Especially for you .... in our language? At first, Being Special sounds empowering and feels pleasant, even loving. Being Special seems to be interwoven in many ways in the whole of society; we literally grow up in it. However, we discovered another side by coincidence. That was such an eye-opener, that we chose to take a more in-depth look of this subject in our daily lives and what we observe further.

Being Special in everyday life

Close to home and perhaps most recognisable for everyone is Being Special in family dynamics. For example, as the eldest child, you are Special because you are the first child. In the experience of the eldest child, this unique position disappears with the arrival of a sibling. Parents suddenly must share the Special full attention for the eldest child with the new-born. Complications at the birth of the sibling can reinforce that. Following on from this, Being Special can also be the extent to whom a child resembles or gets the name of one of the (grand)parents or another family member, beloved or not.
In our work, we see how certain people who are in an influential position that is appropriate for their mission on Earth are made Special by others. That while those people do the work that is necessary to fulfil their mission and do not attribute any exceptional value to Being Special. Next, you may then notice that others do not want to or cannot accept such a sober attitude. They draw attention to it, either directly or with a joke. They make these people Special, at least for themselves and through their message to others.
A third example of Being Special is a person who invokes being an exception repeatedly. These people feel that they are in such a special situation or position that they expect or demand others to take it seriously. In this way, Being Special can mean that there is no room for self-reflection nor processing feedback. Which people do you know who refuse to be held accountable for their behaviour or responsibilities because they are Special?
Letting go
We would not be human if we did not live the Being Special programme ourselves. A persistent one is, usually unconsciously, continually comparing ourselves to others. For example, when you see how someone else gets a particular appreciation, and you do not. Or how another person has specific talents, and you do not. When somebody makes himself small to others or out of so-called modesty, then that person makes himself Special again, but in the opposite: “I’m the only one who doesn’t have that”.
Finally, one should recognise that Being Special is utterly different from being loved (which comes from the Heart) but often confused with love because it feels so good (effect of the senses; see part 2).

Being Special as the Basis of the Economy

Through this research into Being Special, we (Niek and Jolande) became more and more aware of how deeply embedded the programmed need to be Special is in all our (unconscious) thinking and feeling. It is the programmed personality who longs for the reward of Being Special, for example, recognition, being seen, being important, counting, belonging, love, safety, power, control, certainty, being the chosen one, approval, right to exist, etc.
To our knowledge in the System of the Earth’s rulers, the so-called 1% Elite or Deep State, Being Special is used as a means and incentive for individuals to do whatever is necessary for the ultimate recognition of their leader. For example, several people receive the message that he or she is The Chosen One. Each one of them thinks that he or she is the only one who is the Chosen One. The promise made to them is the highest possible position of power within the company, the group, a country and ultimately across the world. That, by definition, creates competition in all sorts of areas in various organisations, and they play off people against each other.
Competition is what we see throughout society, it exists at work, in sport, in education and so on. The winner gets the rewards, and the loser drips off. Both are Special, and the current society maintains that to run the economy.

Being Special as a form of manipulation (mind control)

Being Special means, in our perception and experience, always a separation with the other based on fear, control and imprisonment. The sweet making Special works as a temptation or spinning. Once inside, the cat is coming out of the bag. You can see this clearly in many films, but in everyday life, it is often so subtle and unimaginable.
One can be made Special in the eye of the public with a Special goal, for instance, to influence the perception of most people. The Special person, in that case, will spread the message the System wants them to control the masses. Often these people are famous for their role in society, even an apparently positive role as saviour or spiritual leader.
Now that the mechanism has become crystal clear, we can also conclude that our desire for Being Special has always, to a greater or lesser extent, limited us in obtaining equal relationships. That is why combinations of people with specific character structures are so logical because they strengthen each other in Being Special.
Being a puppet
Because of the Being Special, a subtle ‘Power over others’ arises in the relationship (see part 1 of the trilogy). The person who makes the other person Special builds up emotional guilt with the Special person. This guilt will have to be repaid (emotionally or physically), but they will not tell that of course when they make someone Special.
How many people in your immediate surroundings do you know or feel that they consider themselves Special enough for whatever reason to claim the Centre’s position in your life? Whether it is your partner, family, colleague, employer, neighbours, or friends, it can occur in all kinds of relationships. Perhaps there are more of these than you might initially think.
Suppose you start paying attention to Being Special in your environment (outside world). In that case, you will probably notice how by choosing words relating to being Special, an inequality is immediately introduced, which may or may not be consciously used to influence or manipulate the other person. For example, in the choice of words in encouragement or breaking down, we see this again. How often is a motivation to persevere not expressed by offering the prospect of the reward of Being Special? Sometimes literally: for example in encouraging “Don’t you want to go to the first team, go to university, follow the boss, etc.” and in abandoning it with “You, Looser” (Underdog Special). Sometimes it is hidden, as an underlying message in the given reaction: “What would your mother/father say about this?”
Being Special or being made Special therefore also seems to be a form of mind control in which old painful memories or traumas are still consciously touched. As a result, the programmed survival strategy is activated, but just not fulfilled (registered by our five basic senses, see part 2). As a result, the installed programme always retains a 'desire' to 'do its best' even better to become Special eventually. That pulls the personality into the web in which everyone makes another Special to participate in the rat race of endless competition to get that ultimate reward. Being Special does stop the pain of the trauma, but nothing is solved because the program is still running, leaving you in that web.

The web of Being Special

The programme Being Special is often so unconscious and invisible that it does not necessarily concern recognisable dominant nasty people but can also be sweet and friendly people.
If you pay attention to Being Special in yourself (inner world), you will notice how this programme lives in you and how you react in the web of Being Special.
Framed in the web
For example, to what (subtle) extent do you consider yourself being Special or have you been made Special in someone else’s life? Does the (slight) feeling of Being Special gives you strength or love, or the opposite?
How about your interaction with a Special Person? For example, if you do not meet the expectations of that Special Other Person, your reaction may be a feeling of guilt. By making unpredictable choices for yourself, you can also perceive other responses in yourself, such as pride, relief, and happiness. For the Special Other Person, your response can be a reason for a verbal or non-verbal reaction (or both) in the form of blame, disappointment, anger, sadness, etc. He or she will, to put it mildly, start a discussion with you and express non-verbal aggression. When you try to prevent these reactions by adapting to the expectations of that Special Other and bypassing possible fears of yourself, then you are trapped in the Web of Being Special.
Who cannot recall moments in his or her life when he or she has refrained from living in his or her Greatness out of concern or fear of failing, passing, abandoning, disappointing, etc.? If you look at and examine that for yourself, is the other person indeed so Special that you did not want to risk that relationship by not living your Greatness? Is that relationship indeed so Special, that it is not done you are entirely yourself in all your Greatness? Who is determining that for what reason? Or do you become Special by ignoring your Essential Self at the service of something or someone else?

From Being Special to Conscious Choice

In retrospect, we can say that in the past, we have made unconscious choices based on Being Special or Wanting to be Special focused on the implicit or explicit associated reward. We now recognise that Being Special was in fact about a narrowing of Consciousness that pulled us into the body in such a way (role of the senses, see part 2) that we could only experience that reality as the only reality. As a result, we made ourselves emotionally blackmailable and dependent on others. Therefore, now the question comes up “How can it be otherwise?”
chosing wisely
Above we have already written that being alert (observing) in the outer and inner world is very important to understand the mechanism. With the new insights, you can consciously choose how you want to deal with this.
The choices we make from our Essential Self are independent of any reaction in ourselves or others. It makes us sovereign and free from (emotional) blackmail. In our experience, our Essential Self has a mission here on Earth, namely, to contribute to the Restoration of the Earth, which the personality will realise.
Our choices are subservient to this mission, and every relationship within it is subservient to the shared goal. We are all attuned to the shared purpose. The strategy may be different, but the goal is leading. In such a relationship or partnership, we need everyone, and no one is Special, only Equal-Worthy.
The next few weeks will be crucial for making choices as Humanity. Will we choose the old familiar program Being Special or will we step into a new world in which our Consciousness will open even further, and a paradigm shift in Humanity and on Earth can take place? Can we forgive ourselves and others from the Heart? Because of this, a lot of fixed energy can come free. We will literally see and experience that this reality is not the only reality that exists. In this new reality, we will also see that Humanity on Earth is not the only civilisation living in the Universe, but that there are many civilisations within the Humanoid race and beyond. Earth has a unique place in the Universe.
Through true Equivalence, we humans can get in touch with our Galactic Family.  In that relationship of Equality, they and we will be unconditionally loved and unconditionally respected. Is this the paradigm shift we can expect when we let go of the need to be Special? It is up to each one of us to go right through the programmed personality by choosing from the Heart.
In the second part of this diptych, we will describe how we can avoid being trapped in and by this body.

Filmtips: Wonder; The Butterfly Circus; Dalai Lama Renaissance; The Hundred-Foot Journey; Intouchables.

Jolande & Niek
13 November 2020
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