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Tree on our car

The importance of being present in the cause

The Event

On a Friday afternoon in July 2017 we end up in the car in a massive summer storm, that looks very much like a whirlwind. The rain really falls like a wall, so visibility is almost zero. In a parking harbour along the road, Jolande sees a camper and suggests to Niek to park the car anyway. When the car is parked about two meters behind the trailer and swings back and forth by the pounding wind, Jolande suddenly becomes aware of a row of large American Oaks on her right. She still thinks: “As long as no branch falls on the car”, and a few minutes later we see one of those trees falling towards our car. We’re both amazed to see how part of the tree falls on the bonnet as if it’s a controlled action in slow motion. The strange thing was the absence of fear and feelings of danger. We are entirely Present at the moment (of the cause) as we observe how a big thick branch crushes the bonnet, just leaving the windscreen untouched while the rest of the tree falls in front of our car.
Boom op auto
Niek reacts objectively: “It’s just a car,” and he calls 112 to arrange the fire department to get the tree off our car. Meanwhile, the heavy rain and storm continue going wild. It seems as if we are in a time vacuum at that moment because no one appears around, the camper on the other side of the tree has suddenly disappeared, and the road is completely empty. Silence. As if we have landed in another dimension.
Very slowly, life returns on this road as we see cars turning because the tree has completely blocked the road. One driver comes close to our car to see how we are doing, and Jolande in the pouring rain gets out of the car just to put a thumb up.
The whirlwind is disappearing, the rain is decreasing, and we get out of the car to inspect the damage. Other road users who have been witnesses also step out, and we share the event. It is new to Jolande to find that she remains so calm, being centred in her body and amazed by the whole spectacle with spectators and employees of police, fire brigade, the media, municipality, and province.
The most common reaction of the bystanders is: “What luck have you had, you must have a perfect guardian angel”. And yes, that’s right; however, we feel that it went exactly the way it was supposed to go and that we were never meant to be in any personal danger. Without being aware in the moment, this event has shown us the importance and effect of Being Present at the Moment of a Cause with full attention and in observing mode. So, by observing, the outcome of any event changes.

The Day After

The next day brings another experience. Jolande feels indefinable, she experiences a strangely weird head and tired eyes, and her neurological system is openly running a different program. She can’t find her peace, something big has happened, and it feels like her life has changed. And she hates change! Oops; that one she didn’t see coming.
Her default solution for that kind of indefinable feeling is by getting numb through watching TV and disappearing in a crime TV series! But that no longer works, she realizes that this is a flight and it is no longer useful. She wants to investigate this further because Jolande feels very clearly that every change in her life (positive or negative) is being coloured over and over by this same program in her neurological system.
It does also become clear to Jolande that the event is a clean break with the “her old self”. Instead of being broken and seeking healing outside of herself, she finds support and strength in her Self and experiences that she is still Whole.

The Day after The Day After

The next morning (Sunday) Jolande wakes up again with an energetic veil over her head, and she is encouraged by Niek to observe, fresh and clear, what this indefinable feeling is as a result of the program that runs in her neurological system. First, she labels it with the thoughts that come up and comes to the following terms to describe it:
• Life-Changing
• It will never be the same again
• Nostalgia
• Before - After Moment
• Mark point in Time (Remembrance)
• Loss
• Mourning
• Homesickness
• This feeling or program operates as justification for future (re-)actions
Subsequently, she observes the indefinable feeling (put in words as black coloured that lingers, fixes attention and blocks creation!). While continuing the observation, the indescribable feeling becomes neutral. Then Jolande starts to observe further in her heart, and there she sees and experiences at the same time the opposite on the same frequency of the “indefinable” feeling:
• White
• Open
• Light
• Everything is possible
• To create
• Force of Life
In conversation we come to the following insight: A Human Being experiences something that evokes a feeling (frequency) that our brain interprets as positive or negative, and subsequently, a program starts from the Matrix in our neurological system. This program usually runs unnoticed continuously in the background, and therefore, consumes (consciously or unconsciously) attention. That, at the expense of our focus and creative power that is at the service of our Potential Life and Re-membering of who we Originally Are.
As a result, another realization pops up: A Human Being fills his or her Consciousness and fixes it to that event (Mark point in Time) through “moments of remembrance” of whatever nature. Because of the fixed feelings associated with the experience (resulting from the Matrix programming), the Human Being experiences these feelings, again and again, each time one remembers them. As a result, one unconsciously reinforces the disturbance in one’s neurological system. This (dormant and imperceptibly increasing) disturbance becomes then the connecting point for the Matrix. Its principal function is to maintain feelings of anger, powerlessness, sorrow, struggle, loss, victimization, etc. and hence continuously occupy Consciousness.
Therefore, Unplugging the Matrix will increase free attention in Consciousness for you to Re-member that you are an Original Human Being in connection with the Heart so that you can expand in your existence as Human Being on this planet Earth.

Jolande and Niek,
Juli 2017 (revised 31 December 2019)
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