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Passage through the Experience

2. Beyond the senses

As we described in the first part of this diptych, Being Special is still a programme as part of our personality that works based on our senses. Here we look at the role of the senses and the Heart concerning that programme.

Role of the senses and the heart

Most people know in general the senses aimed at our contact with the outside world: eyes, ears, mouth, nose and touch to be able to see, hear, taste, smell and feel (body memory), respectively. If one of these senses gets a ‘go’ then that sensory perception (experience, sensation) in the brain is processed as ‘real’.
The next sense, which is often called the ‘sixth sense’ and which everyone also has, is intuition and telepathy (feeling, speaking, and hearing clearly). Some say this is ‘between your eyes’, others consider chakras to be the channels. But since these are extrasensory perceptions (for the first five), it does not really matter how it goes. It is essential to re-member that we can use them.
To complete the list, two lesser-known senses aimed at the inner world exist. The sense of equilibrium is in the inner ear. The last physical senses are the sensors in the rest of the human body to maintain the musculoskeletal system (proprioception) and to detect pain (nociception).
Role of senses
Although the Heart is usually only classified as an organ by medical practitioners, in our opinion, it could also be called a sense organ. After all, we use the Heart to feel (reading frequencies). Besides, the Heart enables us to create and to be intuitive. Unfortunately, these three functions are still too often dismissed as vague. This disqualification can occur because they do not perceive beyond the first five senses, which so literally and figuratively lock them in their world.
The sixth sense helps you to follow your heart so that you ‘know from your heart’. Once you have experienced it, you will recognise that you made such a decision beyond fears and rational considerations. Such a determination may have been made at an early age (it can already be made in the womb) but has been placed behind a seemingly impenetrable screen by other programmes such as school, education, university, church, etc. Until something essential happens, that wipes away the screen, and then someone can sometimes make radically different decisions because the mission has suddenly become clear again. With one person, this can happen quickly, and with the other, the wiping away of the screen occurs gradually.

My Senses and I

The following question pops up: “Am I my senses, or am I above my senses?” Or to put it another way: “Do we let our bodies (in response to our sensory perceptions) determine our lives, or can we, as Original Human Being, distinguish when to follow them and when not to follow them?” Understand us well: you do not have to stop retreating when the stove is too hot from your sense of touch. However, in the case of an addiction to tobacco, coffee, alcohol, sex, and drugs, the person identifies with the signals of the responsible senses and then actively participates in the actions induced by them. That is why a real cure for withdrawal is so intense because it is literally a rewriting of the programming of the senses.
Another question that we can ask in the context of taking response-ability (see blog Responsibility) for living as an Original Human Being is: “Do I continue to tune my life to my senses or do I use my senses to carry out my mission?”
Stressed out

Through the experience from the senses

If we now combine the above about the senses and the heart with part 1 of this diptych, we can make several interesting observations.
First of all, we see that Being Special ensures that the Original Human Being concentrates on and is even encouraged to follow only the first five senses. From the perspective of Original Human Being, that is a narrowing of Consciousness, that goes at the expense of heart and sixth sense, in particular. We had recently also seen that stress has an impact on the balance organ when a minister suddenly became unwell during a speech about restricting people’s freedoms for the sake of the common good. Coincidence? We were not there, but we have a suspicion.
So, we can ask a similar question about cardiovascular disease: Is it indeed a disease or a consequence of the wrong, unbalanced use of Consciousness that translates into the body?
Secondly, we can say that making decisions based solely on the first five senses combined with making people Special has not done humanity any good. The Earth needs a grand plan to restore balance not only on Earth but also in this part of the galaxy after 16,500 years of predatory work on humanity, the Earth, and this galaxy (see blog Reptilianbrain).
Thirdly, but certainly not unimportantly, to see the sensory impressions separate from who you are. You experience pain, but you are not the pain. You are (still) emotionally touched by an event, but you are not that event. Remember, however, that excluding these feelings is the other side of the same coin, so it is not a solution. You can respond from the heart, but that is very different from diving into the emotions and making the event or person Special again. We suggest you experiment with this and see to what extent you can live every day more as the Original Human Being in an outside world full of chaos that makes a great appeal to follow your senses.

Call to tune in to the Earth Restoration Plan

What would it be like if we could once again meet freely, talk, and write about things that are now forbidden? How would that be? Imagine yourself in such a world where the Original Human Being can live again as it is meant to be. What would you do then?
To get there, we need a high heart frequency from a lot of people. We now ask you to do your part, to tune in to that new world and what you can do. Live that reality of the Original Human Being so that it already exists and is real in your world.
From our heart, we would like to thank you for that commitment.
Letting go
Film tips: The Law of Resonance; Happy; I am.

Niek & Jolande
13 November 2020.
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