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The illogicality of change
for the personality

3. Taking Authority

In part 1 Power Within and part 2 Reptilian brain of this trilogy, we have described our perception of how Man as Original Consciousness has been hacked to such an extent that we now use only 1% in this 3D reality (Matrix).

Human race, get of your knees!

This right call is the essence of what we, as humanity, must do NOW in the Matrix. Getting up in our full Power, straighten our backbone, showing up and serve the Power Within agenda.
Since our neurological system and reptile brain prevent this from happening, this Standing Up (i.e. the movement from kneeling to standing from Power Within) often coincides with a physical sensation that our brain generally translates as fear or doubt.
Here lies precisely the illogicality of change for the programmed personality; this movement endangers the survival of the species. That causes the inserted program in you to crash and to consider the action of standing up as unnatural.

For a bird born in a cage, Flying is a disease.
~ Alejandra Jodorowski

That is also the unconscious reason that personalities keep each other in line, and therefore, we do not really need any more external sheepdogs. We make sure ourselves that we keep pace like sheep and follow the Authority outside ourselves, the system of Power over Others.

Taking Authority versus Power over Others
In our research, we discovered the thin line between Taking Authority and Power over Others. We will explain this by providing two responses to the same situation in which you are triggered, for one reason or another, by a person to react.
In the first case, the reaction is that you silence the other as a reaction in a straightforward way while you experience the feeling of anger and being offended, and adrenaline is rushing through your body. Your attitude is like ‘I will never bow for you! Like being stung by a wasp and immediately reacting to it (reactive impulses) originates from the personality and implies going along with the Power over Others agenda that is nourished by competitive thinking.
In the second case, you do experience the ‘wasp stinging you’, but you ignore the reactive impulse (fight, flight, or freeze), and your reaction is neutral, clear and in an unambiguous way or even absent. The feeling of inner peace remains present, and as an observer, you know it has nothing to do with you. Responding out of the Observer is acting from Power Within.
Which case does describe your current reaction? The answer may help you to take the next steps.

From Being Fragmented to Wholeness

For our research, let us assume that everyone born here on Earth has a fragmented Consciousness. That will undoubtedly contain graduations; one personality will have a more fragmented Consciousness than the other.
We all choose as to whether and to what extent we spend time in our lives on Inner Work and becoming Aware. For people who consciously choose this, the journey from Being Fragmented to Wholeness has started.
In this journey of Inner Work and becoming Aware, we will meet like-minded people, collect information through a variety of media and sources, exchange experiences and knowledge, and encounter widely varying degrees of being fragmented and Wholeness in the Consciousness of people.
Heart Frequency
In our research, we have also observed the interaction between people, and especially the appeal of a person with (more) Wholeness for someone who has a more fragmented consciousness. The Wholeness of one person can act as adhesive tape for the fragments of the other person, thus making the last person feel more Whole and complete through the contact with the other. Personality usually experiences this as (a form of) falling in love. It can even be so pleasant for the personality with fragments glued together that this personality chooses to (temporarily) stop the journey of Inner Work and becoming Aware because there no longer seems to be any need. After all, “the soulmate has been found”.
The fragmentation can be present in one area in the personality while in the same personality Wholeness can be present in another. For example, i) someone is very modest, initially thinks about the other and finds it challenging to take up space for himself or ii) someone can very well take up his own space but finds it difficult to think about the space of the other. We can recognize this in relationships where two people complement each other into Wholeness, and this jointly formed Wholeness is their connection. In other words, they complete each other but remain incomplete themselves.
That can all be part of our journey of our Inner Work. After all, we all embarked on the journey and are growing towards more Wholeness and Autonomy.

What is Wholeness, and how do we achieve it?

In our experience, Wholeness in this controlled reality is the collaboration of our Essential Self (our original Consciousness that chose to participate in this experiment - part 2 Trilogy) and the personality (avatar) that they imposed upon us in this Matrix. The collaboration entails that each of us on this Awakening Journey rewrites the programming of the personality with what he or she, attuned to his or her Essential Self, needs to make participation in this experiment, i.e. performing the Inner Vision, a success.
Inner Work is an essential part of this journey, enabling the faster integration of the misunderstood pieces (fragments) of the personality (or ego). Besides, a paradigm shift in our Consciousness is paramount, i.e. that we dare to think, see, explore and create the unthinkable that is eminent for the restoration of this planet. It also requires a large dose of courage and perseverance to counteract all resistances of our personality to experience our Wholeness right through the illusion of fear and doubt.

The interpretation of this journey is unique for everyone

Our personal experience is that our reactions to what is happening in our hologram are essential to the insights, realizations and increase of Wholeness that we experience. Do we react from the personality or do we respond from the Observer, i.e. our Essential Self?
The result of consistent Inner Work is experiencing its effect within ourselves. This Inner work implies taking daily time to go back to the Observer in us, to observe, to do research and to let conscious actions arise at the right moment. That includes having the patience with oneself to learn to see, listen and feel beyond the presented reality and keeping compassion for when you make a slippery. The effects we experience (such as increasing trust and the freedom to take Authority for the Power Within from our Essential Self) are decisive for us to continue our Awakening Journey.

The gift of the Wholeness

It is also special to experience how living from Power Within has deepened our relationship. When we got married in 1999, we expressed that we would “look behind the masks”, which we did, and we still do. Meanwhile, we have become an Earth and Galactic Team, and the morphic field reacts to that. We experience that the Power Within field reacts empoweringly to our Power Within actions and indeed, wonderful things happen when we remain in our Confidence despite the turbulence and pressure from others.
Eventually, the field of Power over Others will withdraw. This process will further accelerate when we this undermining field can no longer harvest us. It is our choice to stay in our Power Within and to remain passionate in our Heart, no matter what is happening around us.
That is the importance and gift of Wholeness for Humanity and the Consciousness in all Dimensions. We all contribute to this by sharing every step we take in our personal Awakening Journey with our fellow travellers for inspiration and enjoyment.

Film tip for this blog: After Earth

Jolande & Niek
May 2018 (revised 22 December 2019)
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