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The power of your Heart is unprecedented
Despite everything we see, hear, and feel, the Earth as a planet has passed a vital inversion point on the timeline at the end of August. After which, there is only room for the restoration of the Earth and all its inhabitants.
In itself, this fact seems vague and could evoke reactions of disbelief such as “First see then believe”. And rightly so, as it has gone for millions of years with good intentions were indeed overshadowed, or worse, destroyed. After all, humanity never had the opportunity from external authorities to manifest its Original Greatness sovereignly and from its own strength (Power Within). But now, so much is changing in the Matrix that we human beings can finally live our true nature as creative beings. Humanity’s time of being naïve and submissive in exchange for security facilitated by external authorities with a world-destroying agenda is definitely over.

Changing the reference point

All that is necessary for this is a mature Consciousness, tuning into Your Self,  take a stand for Your Heart Frequency, and therefore, your Heart Compass. Humanity, we, and you are facing the challenge to really dive into ourselves and manifest our life as we envision it (vision) from our Hearts with inner strength. After all, if you yourself do not stand for something, you will fall for anything, literally and figuratively. The reference point of your life is You Yourself. You decide what is important to you and how you want to contribute to the restoration of the Earth and humanity. With that, we all must transform old reference points based on trauma (the essence that kept the old power structure alive) into new ones based on our Heart Compass.
In daily life, we (Niek and Jolande) live our Heart Frequency of Conscious Being as much as possible, aimed at restoring the Earth and reinstating the Original Human Being. That manifests itself in our daily lives in sometimes particular ways and with many beautiful conversations about this subject, causing the world of the old (low) frequency to fade more and more.


Another critical aspect for the necessary transformation is to have and exercise your discernment. After all, all media have a significant role in suggesting what the world looks like (e.g., because of shortages higher prices of food and goods) and what is going to come (e.g., the plan “Building Back Better”) if it were up to their commissioners (handlers). The power of suggestion is enormous in this respect, and our neurological system responds immediately (see previous blogs).
A recent practical example in our life is the following: when ordering a computer, it turned out, after a few days, that the delivery time indicated had suddenly changed (instead of the next working day, they could only deliver it in December due to the so-called current shortages). Contacting customer service was initially unsuccessful. The employee in question reacted indifferently: “After all, there is nothing I can do about it”, and “That is just the way things are”. Instead of automatically going along with this, we kept our focus on the original agreement. Then suddenly, the call to this employee fell through. We called customer service again and got another employee on the line who was sympathetic and consulted with her team leader to see what would be possible. Another supplier could deliver the computer but at a higher cost. We did not accept this because it did not correspond to the original agreement, so we came up with an alternative supplier. After another brief feedback with her team leader, she reported that the product would be ordered and delivered to us as soon as possible per the original agreement.


The example above with the first automatic-pilot reaction of “I can’t do anything about it” illustrates the absence of taking responsibility for agreements made. Sometimes, we also see this in a (family, group or organisation) culture with a so-called trust in an attitude of “It will work out fine”. In practice, however, this looks more like excessive flexibility (“We are easy”). What we observe is ‘the story’ or the programme: We are easy can result in an indifferent attitude where people are out of connection with themselves and the other and the common goal of not taking responsibility for their own lives, vision, boundaries, passion, dreams, and so on.
Keeping each other on track and addressing the original vision or agreements is often avoided for fear of rejection and possible conflict. It all seems excellent and good, but it is often a case of keeping up appearances. “We are easy, live and let live” is undoubtedly a core quality. However, that is only possible when we remain present in connection with the other and remain true to our Heart Compass (integrity, respect for mine & thine, respect for sovereignty, mature Consciousness).


Our discernment also helps us to uncover the family/group programming that is revealed by a) a story that is being lived by, b) the beliefs, c) the expectations, d) a desire to belong, and sometimes even e) a dogma. Often all of this is based on traumas (neurological system) of the person and loved ones, which trigger and reinforce programmes (pity, taking over responsibility, etc.).
Respect Your Self and remove traumas, and a sea of free attention, self-confidence, and possibilities arise that bring unprecedented freedom.

Being Aligned

By living from your Self (Being Aligned), Aligned Togetherness in relationship with your loved one(s), colleagues, family, etc., can arise. That is so important, especially in these times. It allows you to help each other focus on the goal of your Aligned Togetherness and live your potentials. From our personal experience of the past 23 years, we know how important Aligned Togetherness is when you have a Vision in mind that is bigger than ‘making each other happy’.
We see it as Reinstating the Original Relationship. In this relationship, two or more people form a unity and respect each other while retaining their authenticity, which rises above the programmed personality. The Original Relationship, in our eyes, is a service to the common goal (vision) and not a goal in itself. Everything that happens in the journey on this Earth is dealt with through inner work so that the attention remains free to stay focused on the common goal.

'En Route'

Thus, the new reality is being built by people who will stand for their ideal world and live and propagate this Conscious Being in their daily lives. Whether you do that 24/7 or start with a few seconds a day, you also take part in building a new reality. Through this attitude to life, guided by the Heart Compass, the old Matrix fades away, and each individual executes the Earth Restoration Plan in their own unique way.

Film tips: August Rush, Begin Again, Pay it Forward, and Whale Rider

Jolande & Niek
17 september 2021, last update 20 september 2021
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