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Live Pure Happiness

This heading reads as a command, and in fact, it is! Why a command, while after so many years of enslavement, we seek freedom on this planet? In this blog, we will elaborate on that.

Seeing reality as a movie

Imagine that the presented reality is a movie or hologram, whereby the film script is invisible to the players. Moreover, the film script, scriptwriters and director are controlling out of sight that the meticulous execution of the script worldwide. Now is an excellent time to review your role in this movie.
The best way and in our experience, the biggest challenge to deal with every presented reality of that film is to be Purely Happy right now. It increases your frequency in your body and mind, which in turn facilitates your health and way of thinking in resonance with the Heart.
Put your happy on

Living Happiness, how?

The current dominant presented realities of COVID19 and climate change in the current movie, seem (and that is all it is) to control us according to the current New World Order Dictatorship under the guise of general interest (provided we continue to believe this script).
We now see it more and more on the news, social media, and the internet and notice also in ourselves that this prospect already evokes various reactions. It will increasingly evoke all kinds of responses in our neurological system. Whatever the reactions (complacency or resistance) may be, the writers of the current script (think of the ‘game makers’ as pictured in the movie The Hunger Games) did precisely calculated them. No matter how real it may seem, no matter how terrifyingly realistic the possible threats may sound, it is and remains a script of a film or hologram that takes place in your and our consciousness. We literally watch the movie being played on the retina of our eyes; you cannot sit any closer on the film screen. And the associated body reactions make it even further real. If you are not awake, you consider it as ‘I am ... (fill in the dots)’.
On the seemingly other side, disclosures come to light that seem to counterbalance the current dictatorship. We consciously call it the seemingly other side because it is still part of the same movie,  and therefore written with utmost precision in the very sophisticated script. As a result of this, an initiated struggle between imposed restrictions on freedom and freedom fighters arises. Even though, for example, these are doctors who, based on research in their hospital, concluded that the figures presented in the news are different from what their research shows. They are two sides of the same coin.
So whether you go along with the current reality or protest against it (like the case of anti-racism demonstrations), the scriptwriters want you to continue believing in this script. You should stay connected with your attention, and therefore consciousness, in this script. Why is that? So that one’s life energy remain trapped in the movie,  and consequently, you will not realize that you have the inner strength and power to regain your autonomy over your reality.

Open your Heart, and you will see

Now is the time to wake up and choose what you want to give your life force energy and attention. It  implies that you can choose between focussing on your sense of security in this presented reality (script or hologram) and act tuned to that script, or having the guts to leap similar to the frog that jumps out of the pan with the almost boiling water to avoid being cooked.
The latter will imply to take a step back from everything that is coming at you from this presented reality, turn around inside yourself and observe it (without judgment).
Put your happy on
This process will evoke deep insights and change your timeline because the scriptwriters find that an unbelievable reaction. They have ensured, in their conviction, that no human being has the energy, let alone the guts, to step back and observe the evoked fear and uncertainty and then turn into themselves into their own Heart. The Heart is that place over which the scriptwriters have no say at all, and where this presented reality does not matter.

Disconnecting from the script

To Live Purely Happiness is in our experience, disconnecting yourself from the script (programmed brain) and living from the Heart. By doing so, you simultaneously bring your heart frequency into this script or hologram. This means that the programmed brain, working like a computer, needs a command to enable the Heart frequency.
It is everyone’s Heart frequency that fragments the existing script into dust and makes the Heart Field shine into an unbreakable Oneness in which a return to our Original Human Being and the Original Earth will take place. That in our view is contributing to the restoration of the planet Earth in all its aspects.
Finally, that is why WE are all here, to reclaim our Autonomous Consciousness as Original Human Being in every situation and bring our Heart Frequency into this reality (script or hologram). In short, actively contribute to Reinstate the Original Human Being.

Corresponding Playshop: Disconnecting from the Script

Jolande & Niek
7 Mei 2020, updated 9 October 2020
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