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Disconnecting from the running Script

Live the Reality of the Heart Frequency Field


We have mentioned it before; we live with our Consciousness in the mind-world of another (Artificial) Intelligence. This Artificial Intelligence has created the so-called 'Matrix' (also called movie or hologram) through which the Consciousness of human beings has been hijacked.
Through the personality (avatar) human beings run an artificial program in a lifelike script (like in a movie) in which only 1% of the Original Consciousness remained, and of which we as human beings use only 0,005%. Not much, but it turned out to be enough to keep the Consciousness flame going and ignite the fire in us.
This fire has flared up considerably in the year 2020, causing Consciousness to open more and more in-depth, and the power of this other intelligence (AI) to collapse. The first step in opening-up is for people to realize that the way how the world is organized while people are kept under control is entirely against the Original Free Will of human beings.
For those with whom something is going to gnaw and feel that the presented reality may seem realistic, but is nevertheless questionable, the inner fire (light) is booming. The opening up of Consciousness, however, goes a step further than just recognizing the strategy and plan in the presented reality. It is to perceive and feel more deeply from our inner knowing, our Original Consciousness, what our role in this movie is, and what indeed serves Humanity and our planet Earth.
Kies om gelukkig te zijn


Are we here to 'awaken others' or is it the other way around, and is this movie used to awaken ourselves in the deepest part of our being and to disconnect us from this script? Through self-examination, taking layered information, empowerment, and practical exercises, you will find your answer.
The goal of this workshop is to strengthen your ability to live as a Galactic being, the Sovereign Human Being so that you can fulfil your mission on this planet from your Original Power.

For Whom?

This Playshop is for people who want to live from their hearts in this wonder-ful time, apart from the presented reality that might provoke a different reaction.

What can you expect?

In this Playshop, we pay attention to the origin of the script, how it relates to the current reality, and how you can disconnect from it. Besides, we pay attention to the impact of inserting your frequency in the script (on your timeline and mass consciousness). For instance, how you see this reflected in your reality.
The result of this Playshop is, among other things, a more vital ability to live from your own Being, your vision, no matter what the presented reality wants you to believe. You will gain an increasing trust in your world, what you have in mind.


When: You can regularly participate in this Playshop in the Netherlands in Dutch. If you would like to join in this Playshop in English, the fastest way to plan a date if you could bring along at least two (preferably three) other persons. Alternatively, we will create a list and will inform you when there are enough participants to schedule this Playshop in English.
Investment: The Playshop lasts 3.5 hours, and the costs are € 75 (incl. 21% VAT) for a private person and € 90 (excl. VAT) for self-employed persons and
€ 110 (excl. VAT) for SME employees.
Tariff changes reserved; the current prices are mentioned on this website and in the webshop.
Payment: After agreeing on the date, you will receive an invoice that must be paid before the Playshop by bank transfer.
Cancellation: You can cancel your participation free of charge up to 48 hours before the Playshop starts. You will then receive a credit note, and we will refund the amount. After that, you are obliged to pay the invoice.

Would you like more information?

Do you want more information, or do you have a question? Feel free to call Jolande: +31-SIX-445-ONE-186-ZERO or send your item via email.
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