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Oneness & Splitting Reality

We, as Humanity, are now on the eve of a new world outside the current script. What does this mean for us?

Searching for Oneness

Our research first brought us to the Origin of Human Beings, specifically the humanoid race. In the Humanoid race, there are no "people" who are specifically male or female. In Origin, Human Beings are only Oneness. That Original Oneness, which we are as Original Human Being, has partners in the world, also called mates, with which they shape in synergy and alignment the world. This creation process works, therefore, completely different than in the world known to us in the Matrix. It is best to compare that situation with energy fields that go together to create a new unique energy field (manifestation). Something we call here, for example, the birth of a 'child'. As a result, today's Human Being is by nature, still, a being that thrives in connection with each other.
As we have described in previous blogs, in the current controlled system, the system made Human Beings incomplete, whereby the fragmentation of our consciousness seems permanent. Because of this, a disruption arose in the natural or essential experience of Oneness in our self.
This disruption in the Oneness of the Human Beings took even a physical form in this controlled reality. We know no better than that human beings have two separate forms: the man and the woman as a representation of the male and female energy. This separation in the unity of energy, however, did not succeed entirely because we all still carry both the masculine and feminine energy within us.
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The result of the separation in physical form is that we as Human Beings in the Matrix consciously or unconsciously look for 'that part that makes us Whole again'. Usually, this takes place in the search for a partner sometimes called 'soul mate'. Otherwise, we can experience this wholeness in a deep friendship or connection with our children or nature. In this way, we almost instinctively try to emulate the balance of male and female energy. The relationship between two people should, in principle be the bridge between the masculine and feminine energy to approach that equal balance of energy. In this way, two people can imitate and experience the Oneness that we are Ourselves in Origin.

Disruptions to frustrate Oneness

In our observation, the Matrix aims to actively disrupt this Original Oneness in us and the mimicked Oneness with associated consequences in collaborations, socioeconomic structures, and (regional) development in general. This disruption takes place through all kinds of programs that run in both the personality and the control system (society) that sabotage the autonomy and sovereignty of Oneness. The reality in which we live now, in the year 2020, shows this very clearly.
An example of this, as we see it, is that companies choose to let their employees work from home as much as possible. That is a disruption of the private sphere in various ways. The first is emotional; home was where people thought they were free from work. This measure mixes the freedom we can experience at home with the duties we have from work. The second is practical: for most families, their house is usually not equipped to work there as well. The third and last is also emotional: what are the dynamics in relationships and the family? Is working from home at all compatible with your partner or the family? It seems that disruptions, based on induced fear, are increasingly constricting Consciousness around the world in a tube vision.
As a result, we see people react like slaves, accepting that they are literally and figuratively reduced to a product measured by the system for the benefit of the Matrix. These people behave in this way for various reasons. One reason may be to avoid the fear of being deviant and to be judged on this. Another reason may be the need for so-called safety facilitated by external power, i.e. the control system (which presents increasing control as salvation for Humanity). For this illusion of security, a part of Humanity likes to give up their freedom, and without being aware of it, they allow themselves to be dehumanized by an imposed program. Some examples, which we see, are the social distance, the reduction of the number of people in space (both business and private) and the banning of sports to disrupt the unity in connection with each other again thoroughly. The underlying subliminal message is that the Oneness in connection is life-threatening and selfish.

Definition Sublimal message

A subliminal message is a signal or message hidden in a medium and meant to be transmitted without being consciously noticed. These messages could still be processed by the unconscious and unnoticed and lead to specific behaviour.
If we look further along that line, another example of a subliminal message is health care that now serves the political agenda instead of human health. Doctors seem to be forced or choose to set aside their doctor's oath for other reasons. The Dutch doctor's oath (including the Hippocratic Oath and Geneva Declaration) directive reads: "I swear/promise that I will practice medicine as best I can for the benefit of my fellow man. I will care for the sick, promote health and alleviate suffering". Fortunately, there are more and more who are willing to adhere to this. Moreover, there are also other professionals such as lawyers and teachers who say: "Stop now it has been enough".

Transition to a New World

As described earlier (see blog Reptilian brain), each of us finds ways to survive in the Matrix. That can even go so far that someone has learned out of self-preservation to take another person's reaction (read: programs) as validation for his or her right to exist. Consider for yourself what fundamental beliefs you have (had) to survive. Survival in a world that essentially does not suit us is no longer an option for Human Beings who we are now.
The way out of the current disruptions, as illustrated above, is first to disconnect yourself from that reality. Then, you literally and figuratively pick yourself together (defragmentation) and go back to your Essential Self (your inner Oneness).
When you choose to expand your consciousness by no longer going along with the fear that they sow, you may experience resistance in your programmed personality (read Trilogy of Change). Therefore, get in touch with people in your life with whom you can genuinely share your expansion of Consciousness, and with whom you can exchange experiences and inspire each other to take the next step. Each person remains responsible and in control of personal growth and expansion of Consciousness. No matter how tempting it may seem to awaken another person and make it your responsibility, it is not up to you. Moreover, this would also go against the Universal Law of Free Will. Every person has their own path, pace, and free will. Therefore, do not take it personally when there are people who cannot go with you in your expansion of Consciousness. Trust the Source Power in the other and leave the responsibility to the other person and take responsibility for what is now best for you. Now is the time for everyone to make an informed choice; do you choose for your mission, or do you prefer for something or someone else?
Moreover, the awakening of each Human Being goes hand in hand with the Re-membering of the Original Human Being in our Self and the expansion of Consciousness worldwide. As a result, the presented reality (the disruption) within the Matrix has less and less control over your inner and outer world.
What you can also observe is that the existing global expansion of Consciousness does not extend to all people. That will create a gap between people with a narrowed consciousness (trapped in the system) and people who expand in Consciousness. This gap will eventually become so large that a point will arise at which the gap becomes unbridgeable. Because of this, the expanded Consciousness outgrows the reality of restricted Consciousness. In other words, the realities become disconnected from each other and go their separate ways. What then actually arises is a separation of worlds; in other words, a Splitting reality.
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The Earth is a living organism with a Consciousness that expands. Around the Earth was a finely meshed net ('the box') of Consciousness narrowing matrix layers. What would then be the effect of so many people like you Re-membering themselves more and more that they are an Original Human Being and expand further their Consciousness? Perhaps the best way to answer that question is to see the Earth like an orange full of cloves. If each clove represents a Human Being expanding into Consciousness, then there is no other option but to literally leave no room for those ancient Matrix layers.
Finally, partly due to the existence of a Universal Peace Treaty for the Earth (August 2016) and the increase in Heart Frequency, the Matrix-field will diminish in strength by the day. Consequently, the Earth will gain an even stronger field of a liberated Consciousness with all the new possibilities and experiences for Mankind.
An inevitable New World in which we, as humans, live more and more as Original Human Beings every day and the planet Earth has been restored to its Original glory.

Jolande & Niek
13 October 2020
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