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Self Trust

When we pronounce the word ‘trust’, the body, or rather the neurological system, immediately reacts with all kinds of thoughts and associations as a bonus. Everyone knows that having trust is so essential for us humans and that no money can buy it. Especially in these times of uncertainty for many, it is crucial to take a closer look at trust from the Original Human Being perspective.


According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, the meaning of the word ‘trust’, concerning people only, is twofold:
  1. Trust (noun): 1a.Assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something, 1b. One in which confidence is placed, 1c. Care or custody (a child committed to her trust), and 1d. A charge or duty imposed in faith or confidence or as a condition of some relationship.
  2. Trust (verb): 2a. To rely on the truthfulness or accuracy of, 2b. to place confidence in (rely upon a friend you can trust), 2c. To hope or expect confidently trusts that the problem will be resolved soon, and 2d. To permit to stay or go or to do something without fear or misgiving.
These definitions show that trust is merely directed outwards and is hardly associated with trusting oneself. That is the reason for us to explore the difference between trusting someone (externally) and trusting yourself (Self-trust or Self-confidence).
no fear

Having trust in someone else

Two proverbs show the sensitivity of trust in someone else: ‘Trust is hard to gain but easy to lose’ and ‘Trust can take years to build but can be gone in moments’. In Dutch, we have also, translated literally, a third: ‘To trust someone on his (blue) eyes’ (= to believe what one sees or hears). But, how does it work for us in daily life?
What happens to you when you trust someone? Can you still remember that moment? Does it have to do with the other person’s connection as if you have gained a friend? That can, of course, vary from person to person, but in essence, it is our neurological system that has been calmed. After all, there is someone around who is not potentially threatening. There is no need for panic with the familiar three reactions (freeze, flee, fight).

What if the opposite, someone betrays your trust, happens? Can you remember such a moment? When someone crosses your trust, it becomes clear how our neurological system reacts primarily, and we immediately lose the connection with our heart and our heart frequency. Besides, our brain produces all kinds of undermining thoughts to reinforce and defend our neurological system’s reactions (read the Trilogy The illogicality of change for the personality for all the details).
Building on this, there is a pitfall in ‘having trust in another’ when it becomes ‘trusting in another’. Trusting someone else implies giving away the Power Within to an external authority. At times and consciously chosen, this is fine, and you retain your authority. However, when an external authority demands that you trust him or her and thereby disqualifies your authority, ‘trust’ is used as (emotional) blackmail. You can recognise this when someone disqualifies your question marks and says something like ‘trust me’, ‘you know you can trust me’ or ‘you are not an expert, just trust ...’. Moreover, they often accompany that by exerting time pressure to speed up your choice.
The only person you can really trust is yourself, even though its development often involves trial and error. Next, consider that the elite, the Deep State, bombards Humanity daily with enormous intensity with (dis)information to reduce and even destroy our Self-confidence on a global scale. It is, therefore, logical that we sometimes are out of balance and tired. So, the time we live in now is a war for our trust and, therefore, our consciousness. To put an end to this, strengthening our self-confidence is therefore of utmost importance.

Self-confidence in practice

Let us begin by taking a closer look at the origins of Self-confidence. You might remember that you loved to receive compliments from your parents, relatives, and friends as a child. That gave you the confirmation that you were doing ‘it’ right and, with that, a boost in your Self-confidence (also read our blog Being Special). However, what we did not realise at the time is that the body (neurological system including cellular memory) was being programmed by the external world (outer matrix) so that Self-confidence has been wholly externalised. In other words, we have literally and figuratively become addicted to that external stimulus or evidence (e.g. an endorsement from someone else).
When an autonomous Self-confidence develops, the neurological system (inner matrix) protests acutely. After all, the neurological system demands external proof for this Self-confidence. Without external evidence, self-confidence is dismissed by the mind and the outer world as ‘fantasy’, ‘irresponsible’ or ‘unrealistic’. Besides, anxiety disorders can arise, for example, fear of failure or the fear of being rejected. Both fears cry out for even more external proof. Do you recognise this? How does your mind or the world react to your Self-confidence?
See here the vicious circle of always needing and even seeking external proof to increase Self-confidence.
no fear

Increasing Self-Trust

How can you increase your Self-Trust without any proof?
Please do not immediately believe your neurological system even though it is frantically trying to prove you wrong and trap you into programmed doubts. Take a step back and examine (observe) whether what you feel and think is correct. Play with it, because here too, practice makes perfect. You will notice a difference in your perception of the world. If you want, you can ask others to give you feedback to accelerate your awareness of where you are reacting (after all, arguments are usually clashing neurological systems).
Secondly, we want to remind you that trust is a state of being connected with the Collective Inner knowing for Original Human Beings. Therefore, there is no dependence on the environment. In our perception, inner knowing goes beyond intuition because it can also involve our body’s programming. Inner knowing is also connected with our multi-self present in different dimensions (time and space).
If you want to go one step further in realising who you really are, imagine how you would perceive this reality from the perception of the future YOU. Imagine you are now here as the person who came from the future to visit the past, i.e. this reality. The main reason is to contribute in whatever way to the most significant victory of Humanity of all time. Apart from the fact that it is a deep wish of our MultiSelf to contribute to this event by bringing another information field into this matrix reality in your way, we also do it because it is who we are. As visitors from the future, we can do nothing else than live fully in confidence from the heart frequency in this reality. After all, we have the knowledge and experience of all our Selves (MultiSelf) at our disposal because our current Self is part and parcel. Even though our brain cannot reach it, our Self-confidence increases because of this attunement.
Finally, remember that this reality in which we now find ourselves is a film script. The point is, who is the writer? You are living your story, and you are the writer in which you can trust yourself. Tune in to that. Subsequently, you can also see that you have written certain people into your story. Persons you invited into your unique timeline to experience something, observe, and grow together so that trust increases. What is manifested in your sensory reality depends on you. You are the Source.

What will change

If the above resonates with you in whole or in part, and you will take the proposed advice to heart, you will experience this Matrix reality very differently. You begin to see beyond what is presented before your eyes as valid and reliable. You trust your Self and your enhanced Power Within. You react to the world from your Multi-self’s knowledge and from wonder and admiration for the Humanity that has gone through this Paradigm Shift in Consciousness. You feel connected to the hearts of all who contribute to this and send them your love, which gives wings to your trust.

Since Self-confidence is a different frequency or information field than the usual neurological system, every change you make will contribute to the evolution of planet Earth’s collective Consciousness. Thank you for your courageous decisiveness and presence in the Here & Now. Through you, we have reinstated our Original World.

Film tips: Arrival, Proxima and Inside Out.

Niek & Jolande
5 March 2021.
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