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Rise as a Human Being

Letting go of your programmed existence
Human innovator stands for the paradigm shift in Consciousness. In previous blogs, we have extensively described the influence of the reptilian brain in the development of the programmed personality. We explained how important this part of our brain is for the survival of 'our species' or, in other words, the programmed existence in the Matrix.
The next step is to research the spectacle of the so-called powers and forces that today still propagate the same Power over Others message. We were intrigued to see how the so-called people's representatives and their growing number of colleagues in the execution (various doctors, scientists, employers, etc.) have continued proclaiming the same narrative and policy as the only salvation for humanity for almost two years worldwide. Despite all the new information, including the so highly regarded (albeit different) scientific research and evidence that offers less invasive solutions to get out of the crisis, they did that.

The change starts in ourselves

In our last blog, we already gave a glimpse of the importance of the Heart Compass for making different choices. In this blog, we will try to provide insight into what is happening due to our reptilian brain and how we as humanity can make a huge step forward just by standing for our Originality, including our social brain.

Power over Others in brief

As detailed in our blog Power Within, the Power over Others structure is not only visible in obvious situations such as war, crime or the business world, but also in our own daily lives. Think, for example, of personal (re)actions as a result of a trigger. Everyone experiences a trigger when our programmed personality feels threatened on a physical, energetic or emotional level in their existence within the Power over Others structure, i.e. the Matrix.
The ancient rulers of Earth must continuously trigger humans' reptilian brains by exerting Power over Others to maintain their world, the Matrix. Money and power are their only sources of manifestation. A powerful tool to keep that trigger 24/7 is to evoke fear. Mere suggestions of the destruction of 'the species' or cessation of existence as a programmed personality are enough for many people to obey the Power over Others. As a result, the person identifies with the programmed personality (Matrix identity) and forgets their Original Power (Power Within).
For the small group of people who are still in the seat of the now illusionary power side, it is about the ultimate kick of having power over the life and death of people. Because they are literally addicted to this (after all, they too are a puppet of someone above them), they keep repeating their repertoire automatically.
How this mechanism has been deployed worldwide (especially in the past two years) is obvious. Each individual has initially reacted by making a conscious choice to secure their (programmed) existence as a personality from their own truth. The individual reaction to this came initially mostly from the reptilian brain. If external influences had not hindered us, we would probably have reacted differently from our Original or essential nature.

Being born into this world and the social brain

If we look at the biology on this Earth and how humans are made, it should naturally be the case that humans are distinguished from reptiles, by the mammalian brain also called social brain (software). The human brain processes information and ensures rational human thinking. Scientists have investigated what the social brain means and how exactly it works. Without going into details or pretending to be exhaustive, the social brain is activated shortly after birth when the woman breastfeeds her child for the first time. A chemical process then takes place in the brains of both mother and baby that strengthens their natural heart connection and activates the baby's social brain.
Jolande has, in her former practice, for almost 20 years guided future parents, pregnant women and babies, in different ways to create a warm welcome for the baby and the parents. All (future) parents that Jolande has seen shared the same goal, a warm welcome for their baby and themselves as parents. However, realising this in practice often proved more difficult than expected. The occasions that the birth was a positive experience, partly enabling mother and child to connect from the Heart immediately after birth and fully activating the social brain was minimal. Not for nothing are there so many therapies, counselling forms and other initiatives for parents, pregnant women, newborns, and children to restore the natural process that could not occur during and immediately after the birth. Apparently, despite all the parents' efforts, the social brain is more often incompletely activated than is naturally possible. The arrival on Earth thus seems to be a quest for survival in itself and logically (at first) activates the reptilian brain in particular to achieve this. This start fits precisely into the structure of the reptilian Consciousness, but what effect does it have on the Original Human Consciousness?

Rising from the reptilian consciousness

The shift from the Heart as the source of wisdom to the reptilian brain is a process that started thousands of years ago by the ancient rulers of the Earth. The Original Human Consciousness was pushed into the background to make room for the reptilian consciousness. Being born into a world where Power over Others is the tone and survival is the primary state of your existence distorts your Consciousness that originates from the Unconditional Heart Field. Consequently, you were sucked into another consciousness dominated and sustained by Power over Others as part of the collective reptilian consciousness. This consciousness catches your attention and holds you hostage to the script.
It seems that we have all come to consider this almost normal in today's society, as long as it secures our existence as a personality. Just look around you and notice that we have indeed come to consider certain things normal. Think, for example, of statements such as 'That is how we do it here', 'It is in the public interest' or 'I only follow orders'. Such statements already contain the suggestion and implicit warning of 'And don't try to change it'. The consent of our silence, interpreted by the system, has led to people in a position of power getting there only (exceptions excluded) because they have deliberately chosen to live the reptilian Consciousness with money and power in prospect. By doing so, they have let go of every Original Human Consciousness. Unscrupulously running the programme of Power over Others every day is the final result. In that system and Consciousness, tomorrow is essentially a repetition of today. Therefore, by definition, the change that most people really want will never come from them.
However, we can and must search our own conscience here. After all, in today's world, which demands daily decisions, the question of 'What's in it for me?' remains as a personality to indeed survive. Look at the current worldwide societal division that has come into being. We are (perhaps unconsciously) maintaining it by continuing to participate in it or by thinking something about it from our reptilian brain. By giving our attention and life force energy, we continue feeding the right of existence of the collective reptilian consciousness. The question is, do we still want this as Original Humans?
As explained earlier, in the current Matrix, the human being is programmed not to progress as a personality but to survive as a species. To reverse this programme and become an Original Human Being again, we have to cancel this programming and use our Heart Compass as a guide. If we really want to realise this in our daily lives, then NOW is the time and inevitable time to overcome subconscious and known fears and traumas.
It is at this moment important to be fully present in our bodies and to observe the programmes behind the fears and traumas so that they can dissolve. For that, we need our Heart (Power Within). After all, in our Hearts, we deeply know how it feels to be in a state of self-confidence without external evidence nor approval from an authority. That keeps the neurological system calm, and the possible adequate (re)actions come from our Being. This process is, in fact, contrary to how we are currently programmed to survive as a personality. That is why gatekeepers in the reptilian consciousness of this world take care, seemingly out of the blue, to activate the reptilian brain in humans (and therefore the programmed personality) every time the frequency of humans is too high or, if you like, their Light is radiating too powerfully. That is why, until recently, the high frequency of unconditional Love and self-confidence barely had room to bloom. The current global raising of the frequency of planet Earth, together with the internal work of thousands of human beings, is reversing the disturbed-consciousness of humanity into the Original Human Consciousness. That is a transition in which your participation is crucial even though the fact that the script's suggestion is usually so lifelike (seems true) that the alternative, i.e. the Original World, is still so unimaginable.
Call it Ascension, call it a Rise Up, call it the Paradigm Shift in Consciousness, it doesn't matter which words you use. What is important is that when you read this, your Original Human Consciousness has brought you here. It shows you that you are in your way and at your own pace in the process of Rising from the world of reptilian Consciousness into which you were born.

Giving space to the Original Human Consciousness

We believe that the Original Human Being is a light being that creates by focusing on what the Earth and beyond collectively need. There is harmony among humans based on Natural Law. Other ways of interacting make life force energy flow, and people rise above themselves, etc. Does this appeal to you?
We experience this Rising from the reptilian consciousness as a personal process and especially an inner revolution in an external world, i.e. the script changing quickly. The trick is to stay within ourselves and let the outer world be for what it is. Everything is uncertain for many people and us at the moment. However, it is also our experience that when you stand up and start standing in your Original Human Consciousness, another world will reveal itself in your daily life. If a disturbance in your reality presents itself to which your neurological system reacts, notice that (name it) and the energetic field and the tangible disturbance in your reality will withdraw. This internal work does require focus, and as they say: "Practice makes perfect".
Please realise that standing up proudly for your truth, for your Original Human Consciousness, is comparable to top-class sports and a full-time job. It is like a muscle that needs training after thousands of years of inactivity. We need to teach them again their intended purpose. The challenge for each of us is to observe our choices without judgement every minute and develop the necessary muscles. That stops the repetition of scenarios and steps, and your creative power becomes a powerful manifestation force in the NOW. It is our Original Right to Exist to create what we need every minute. It is who we are!

Inevitable transition

It is the first time in Galactic history that the Collective Original Human Consciousness NOW claims the time and space to live, Be and create from Unconditional Love. And you are part of it!
What this means for you (and your programmed identity) or what consequences this may have, one thing is clear: to continue on the old footing is impossible. You feel that You are standing or want to stand more firmly in yourself and take the step that only you can take because you feel that it comes from your Power Within. You can only be yourself and take the first step, which expresses who you Originally are.
We, too, have taken this step and the next steps. Even though we are together, this is, in our experience, a purely personal and individual process. Yes, it is nice to exchange, share experiences and encourage each other, but in the end, each of us had to go through the fear and pain of 'losing our programmed existence and footing in the reptilian consciousness' on our own. There is no recipe or trick for this, but we have experienced that our Original Human Consciousness has awakened by our first decision to take the step and becomes stronger every day with every step we take.
Rising into Original Human Consciousness is, in our perception, the very reason why we are all here at this moment in this timeline.

Galactic Success

The mere fact that the indestructible Original Human Consciousness lives in you means that you, too, have made the timeline of the return of the Original Human Consciousness definitive in your LIFE.
Your high frequency and giving space to your Original Human Consciousness again, so that you make other choices in your daily life, change the world and is, in fact, the death blow to the reptilian Consciousness and with it the Power over Others structure.
Worldwide we see more and more people rising into the Collective Original Human Consciousness by making different choices. That creates, what we call, Blossom Points, which strengthen the high-frequency network through which Original Human Consciousness becomes more significant and more powerful, and eventually reinstates the Original Human Being to Glory. That is part of the execution of the Earth Restoration Plan.

Film tips: The Adjustment bureau; After Earth; The day the Earth stood still; Equals; The Giver.

Jolande & Niek
12 November 2021; last revision 21 November
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