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Human Innovation Plan (HIP)

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The engine of progress has everything to do with Respecting your Self and from there having a Vision i.e. knowing ‘The Why’ you are doing something. If that is crystal clear, then everything else (the how, where, and what you want to do for whom) also becomes apparent. However, many people often skip formulating or feeling their vision. They tend to lose themselves in executing an imagined (programmed) strategy for daily life in which neither vision nor passion (Heart Frequency) has their much-needed place. Because of this, the Human Being quickly becomes a Human Doing.
What do you have in your head, or rather what vision do you have in your heart? What would you, as a Sovereign Human Being, want to realize in your life on this planet Earth? Or maybe you already have or feel your Vision, but it has not yet taken shape, and you are still looking for a way to realize your vision.
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Dis-covering, i.e. Re-membering in your Self, what your answers are to these questions through a Creative and Playful way of working. The result is your creative expression of the frequency of your Vision.

For Whom?

Persons who want to get their vision crystal clear and literally want to see it as a “roadmap” in front of them to be able to take the next steps are welcome to participate in this Playshop.

What can you expect?

In this Playshop, the Blueprint of your Vision unfolds from your Source Being. We play with paper and pencils, colouring, feeling, being, exchanging thoughts and ideas with others and everything that arises from Nothing. You will also receive some tools to break through possibly existing patterns that are blocking you.
The result of this Playshop is more clarity about your future and how you want and can shape it.


When: You can regularly participate in this Playshop in the Netherlands in Dutch. If you would like to join in this Playshop in English, the fastest way to plan a date if you could bring along at least two (preferably three) other persons. Alternatively, we will create a list and will inform you when there are enough participants to schedule this Playshop in English.
Investment: The Playshop lasts 3.5 hours, and the costs are € 75 (incl. 21% VAT) for a private person and € 90 (excl. VAT) for self-employed persons and € 110 (excl. VAT) for SME employees.
Tariff changes reserved; the current prices are mentioned on this website and in the webshop.
Payment: After agreeing on the date, you will receive an invoice that must be paid before the Playshop by bank transfer.
Cancellation: You can cancel your participation free of charge up to 48 hours before the Playshop starts. You will then receive a credit note, and we will refund the amount. After that, you are obliged to pay the invoice.

Would you like more information?

Do you want more information, or do you have a question? Feel free to call Jolande: +31-SIX-445-ONE-186-ZERO or send your item via email.
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