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Bearing Strength for Happiness

Anticipate the emotional roller coaster that can come with Triumph


We seldom think about the fact that an emotional roller coaster can accompany success (triumph), no matter how big or small, and the road to it. It seems as if we are taught from an early age to deal with disappointment rather than success. That is reflected in the feedback from others on our plans and dreams we are manifesting. Think for example of the old Dutch saying, "He who is born for a dime will never become a quarter". Maybe it also plays a role that others allow us to succeed, but at the same time want to protect us from (fatty) disappointments because they may never have learned to deal with it themselves. Of course, it was well-intentioned, but with that, we have subconsciously programmed ourselves to trust "with reservation" in the success of our power of manifestation.
Experiencing (the beginning of) success can therefore take you out of balance to a greater or lesser extent. Being out of balance often evokes old feelings and old (behavioural) patterns, which do not fit in at all with your new reality of being successful.
Feel the power
In today's world, showing Inner Power is (still) regarded as "arrogant" or "opportunistic", and therefore usually immediately rejected. We also see that obedience to imposed limited norms and values is stimulated and appreciated daily. It is therefore understandable that we have all developed an internal watchdog. This watchdog, also called survival strategy, starts barking when we are "deviant" by going beyond the expectations of our living system (family, relationship, job, company, neighbourhood, school, family, a club of friends, etc.). A barking watchdog (e.g. thoughts, reactions from our environment or neurological reactions) ensures that we keep functioning within the boundaries of the expectations of the system and keeps us feeling safe within the system. The system (the Matrix) also keeps this inner watchdog and other gatekeepers continuously alert via various signals. When your Essential Dream manifests itself, your internal watchdog usually wakes up and automatically raises the alarm with all associated consequences.


This Playshop is all about the inner watchdog described above and teaches you how to tame and disable it yourself at any time. You will also get ideas on how to transform your dominant survival strategy into healthy alertness.

For Whom

This Playshop is for people who feel that their Essential Dream is (almost) coming true, but just need a little extra to be able to deal with the internal watchdog (survival strategies).

What can you expect?

In the Playshop Carrying Power for Happiness, we pay attention to the Reptilian brain and the different survival strategies. They are behavioural patterns and thinking patterns that are usually very normal and familiar to ourselves: "That's just the way I am", "this is my character", "I look like my father, he did it that way". It is so unconsciously part of our Personality.
You gain insight into the survival strategy in which you recognize yourself and dis-cover what this survival strategy needs to transform into healthy alertness. In this way, your Self retakes control and creates a compassionate collaboration with that healthy awareness.
The result of this Playshop is an increase in your Bearing Strength for Happiness.


When: You can regularly participate in this Playshop in the Netherlands in Dutch. If you would like to join in this Playshop in English, the fastest way to plan a date if you could bring along at least two (preferably three) other persons. Alternatively, we will create a list and will inform you when there are enough participants to schedule this Playshop in English.
Investment: The Playshop lasts 3.5 hours, and the costs are € 75 (incl. 21% VAT) for a private person and € 90 (excl. VAT) for self-employed persons and
€ 110 (excl. VAT) for SME employees.
Tariff changes reserved; the current prices are mentioned on this website and in the webshop.
Payment: After agreeing on the date, you will receive an invoice that must be paid before the Playshop by bank transfer.
Cancellation: You can cancel your participation free of charge up to 48 hours before the Playshop starts. You will then receive a credit note, and we will refund the amount. After that, you are obliged to pay the invoice.

Would you like more information?

Do you want more information, or do you have a question? Feel free to call Jolande: +31-SIX-445-ONE-186-ZERO or send your item via email.
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