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Humanity and the Earth need a profound change

Imagine a wall around humanity, and we are born inside that wall. The wall is part of our life, and we do not know what is outside. Many people are so used to the wall that they are no longer consciously aware of it. Other people are aware of the wall but may think that there is nothing they can do about it or that the wall protects them from the unknown. Others are aware of the wall and explore, asking questions to get to know the unknown.
Do you recognise yourself as the curious explorer who observes, asks questions, and wants to get to know the unknown? What questions do you have that we can help you to answer?
The facilitators of Human Innovator have extensive experience in facilitating exploration in Conscious with practical application in daily life. Our starting point is your curiosity and desire to discover how Heart Consciousness leads and can open further in your everyday life.
At this very moment, the most significant reversal in human history is taking place, the 'wall of humanity' is falling, and Heart Consciousness is opening strongly worldwide. That will also have a tangible impact on the reality of daily life. What does this mean for you and your life?
This reversal is, in the first place, a personal process in your Self, and you contribute to the whole of the collective consciousness. That means, among other things, with compassion for yourself, evaluating where you are now, integrating and releasing trauma-based (ingrained) choices, habits and routines. The reversal also requires complete honesty with your Self and taking care of it in your daily life. What does your ideal world look like (vision) and your journey towards it (mission)?
Human Innovator facilitates, in an accessible and recognisable way, the process of letting Heart Consciousness be leading in your daily life. Therefore, this process entails also focusing on the practical applicability for you.
Splitting Reality
After all, you remain the captain of your ship, and from this autonomous position, you will stand up and restore your Self-governance. You will discover a different narrative of the world than what they taught you and new possibilities due to remembering the original skills you have.
This process of Self-exploration and increasingly opening Heart Consciousness will give you new reference points. You will also learn how to deal with things you see changing in the world that turn your old reference points upside down. That keeps you in the core of yourself even when the external world is shaking. This transformation involves, at the same time, great care for yourself, the people, and the world around you and the Earth.

For whom?

Human Innovator's activities align with Heart Consciousness for curious people who want to strengthen their contact with their Self to create their life and world from Self-governance.
You want this autonomous position to lead your daily life from Heart Consciousness. In addition, you want to re-acquaint yourself with the necessary various practical skills in an accessible and practical way.
You wish to examine everything that stops you from attaining the above with care, discernment, and compassion for yourself so that you can choose from your Heart.
Does this appeal to you? Then, browse this website further and contact us.


When you stand up and claim your autonomy and authority, it directly impacts your reality. This impact of Self-governance is life-changing.
It is a transition from living in a fragmented way from the programmed brain to the complete freedom to live as Heart Consciousness.
Besides its impact on your life, it also affects every life you touch with your Heart Frequency.
You contribute to the substantial opening of the collective Heart Consciousness and the complete freedom of Humanity through your active participation.

What you can expect

Human Innovator facilitates transformation processes with an eye on practical applicability so that you can immediately use it in your daily life.
The methodology combines layered information, interactive exchange, and the re-learning of Original Human Beings' skills, such as Defragmentation, Discernment and Unconditional Observation (others are mentioned in the book).
We developed this methodology based on our experiences from different perspectives, resources and Life inspiration aimed at paradigm shifts in Consciousness. You can read more details here.

HI Art & Inspiratiefilms

To support a person's process or as a gift, Jolande has made Artwork and Pitje Organite cuddly dolls. They are carriers of Life Force Energy and, through their Heart frequency, a reminder of Heart Consciousness.
Our webshop has about eighty films (DVD) inviting you to look beyond what you see. These inspirational films can serve as a source for further Self-exploration and training of various skills.
For more information, read further here.
Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life

Reinstate the Original Human Being

Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life
Humanity and the world need a profound change. But what does that mean? Is humanity ready to take responsibility for Self-governance after millennia of functioning in imposed dependencies of external authorities?
Are you ready for a new reality in which Heart Consciousness is leading as a spark present in you? Are you prepared to be who you indeed are?
This book describes how you, in the current transition of the whole Earth, can (further) open Heart Consciousness within you and shape your daily life.
Our book is a practical translation between the commonly known daily routines and Living as an Original Human Being in a world full of Heart Consciousness. You have the central part in this book, as an Original Human Being. Read more about the content of our book here.

Innovation session

You can participate in one-on-one Innovation Sessions in which your personal question, topic or theme is central. In the Innovation sessions, you also receive background information about how the world works. You will gain insights into how to stand up for your autonomy and self-governance and shape your vision in this rapidly changing world. Read further here.

Further Information

If you want additional information or have questions, please get in touch with Jolande or Niek.
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