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Splitting Reality

Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life

Right now, the most incredible reversal in human history is taking place. The old reality based on the pre-programmed brain is completely falling apart. In the vacuum created, a reality is unfolding from Heart Consciousness that is present in every human being. What does this mean for you and your life?
This reversal is initially a personal process in your Self, after which you will see your reality change rapidly. Among other things, this entails, with compassion for yourself, letting go entirely of (ingrained) choices, habits, routines and interests. In other words, you innovate the human being. By doing so, you contribute to expanding the information field of the new reality, which other people can also notice.
Human innovator supports people and organisations worldwide in the transformation so that Heart Consciousness becomes leading in their daily lives and operational management. We facilitate every change in an accessible and recognisable way, partly by focusing on its practical applicability for everyone. After all, every person is now sovereign, and from that autonomous position, you will rise and restore your Self-governance.
You will discover an entirely different story from what you have been taught, especially the re-membering (making your own again) of your Original Skills. Moreover, you learn how to deal with the things you see changing and disappearing in your reality. You are and remain fully present in the core of your Self. This transformation also results in organic and natural care for yourself, the people and world around you, and the Earth.

Innovation session

You can participate in one-on-one Innovation Sessions in which your personal question, topic or theme is central. In the Innovation sessions, you also receive background information about how the world works. You will gain insights into how to stand up for your autonomy and self-governance and shape your vision in this rapidly changing world. Read further here.

Background information

Human innovator has also published two books to make the background and context information understandable to a wider audience who want to contribute from within to the change, Reinstating the Original Human Being & Earth.
Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life

Reinstate the Original Human Being

Live Heart Consciousness in your daily life
July 2022 saw the release of our first self-published book. It is a book that goes beyond knowledge transfer and has become an energy carrier of Heart Frequency through its energetically layered information. It invites you to read and experience from the Heart, beyond the brain, and to apply it immediately. It also answers the following questions:
  • Humanity and the world are in the midst of profound change, but what does it really mean?
  • Is humanity ready to take responsibility for Self-governance after millennia of functioning in imposed dependencies of external authorities?
  • Are you ready for a new reality in which Heart Consciousness is leading as a spark present in you?
  • Are you prepared to be who you indeed are?
This book is a practical translation between the commonly known daily routines and Living as an Original Human Being in a world full of Heart Consciousness. You have the central part in this book, as an Original Human Being. Read more about the content of our book here.

Co-creating Alignment & Synergy

How to realise the Vision of restoring the Earth together
July 2023 saw the release of our second self-published book. This book provides insights, based on working experience, for reversing centuries of fragmentation and compartmentalisation. Reversal is a crucial step in reinstating Oneness and balance between human beings and Planet Earth. This is the essence of Alignment & Synergy.
The book also answers questions such as
  • How can people, organisations and projects work together more effectively?
  • How can I, as an individual, contribute to the restoration of the Earth?
  • How can I articulate and implement our shared vision?
This book is a practical translation with examples from Niek's work. Read more about the book and have a look at some of the contents here.
Alignment & synergy

For whom?

Human Innovator's activities align with Heart Consciousness for curious people who want to strengthen their contact with their Self to create their life and world from Self-governance.
You want this autonomous position to lead your daily life from Heart Consciousness. In addition, you want to re-acquaint yourself with the necessary various practical skills in an accessible and practical way.
You wish to examine everything that stops you from attaining the above with care, discernment, and compassion for yourself so that you can choose from your Heart.
Does this appeal to you? Then, browse this website further and contact us.


When you stand up and claim your autonomy and authority, it directly impacts your reality. This impact of Self-governance is life-changing.
It is a transition from living in a fragmented way from the programmed brain to the complete freedom to live as Heart Consciousness.
Besides its impact on your life, it also affects every life you touch with your Heart Frequency.
You contribute to the substantial opening of the collective Heart Consciousness and the complete freedom of Humanity through your active participation.

What you can expect

Human Innovator facilitates transformation processes with an eye on practical applicability so that you can immediately use it in your daily life.
The methodology combines layered information, interactive exchange, and the re-learning of Original Human Beings' skills, such as Defragmentation, Discernment and Unconditional Observation (others are mentioned in the book).
We developed this methodology based on our experiences from different perspectives, resources and Life inspiration aimed at paradigm shifts in Consciousness. You can read more details here.

HI Art & Inspiratiefilms

To support a person's process or as a gift, Jolande has made Artwork and Pitje Organite cuddly dolls. They are carriers of Life Force Energy and, through their Heart frequency, a reminder of Heart Consciousness.
Our webshop has about eighty films (DVD) inviting you to look beyond what you see. These inspirational films can serve as a source for further Self-exploration and training of various skills.
For more information, read further here.

Further Information

If you want additional information or have questions, please get in touch with Jolande or Niek.
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