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Practical - Making an appointment and Investment

Making an appointment

You are welcome to make an appointment by telephone or email. You can indicate if you already have a specific question or topic. It is also possible that you come with the intention that you allow yourself to go with the flow of what arises.

The duration of an Innovation session is at least one hour with the possibility to extent this depending on your wishes and possibilities. You can opt for:

a) a predetermined time limit,

b) let go of time and follow the process in that moment (maximum 2.5 hours),

c) decide in the moment what feels right and what is possible.

Start: An Innovation session starts on a working day at 10.00 or at 14.00 hours . This can be adjusted in consultation, depending on the chosen duration of the session.

In between sessions you can arrange a Q&A session by telephone or Skype (0.5 - 1.5 hours) if necessary.

Please note: Just the wish and/or the decision to make an appointment can provoke all kinds of programs to run such as why it is difficult, it is not the right moment, first ... (fill in yourself) must happen, having no time, and having no money, and so on. Every “resistance” that your (possible) appointment for an Innovation session evokes is a nice subject to include in the next session. It is probably the same programming that is activated when you experience a different outcome in your life or aspect of your life than you wish.


The rate for an Individual innovation session (1-2.5 hours in Dieren or via Skype / telephone) or a Q&A session (0.5 - 2.5 hours via Skype or telephone) is:

• Private individual (1 person): € 85 per hour

• Self-employed person (1): € 90 ex VAT per hour

All prices include VAT for private individuals and exclude VAT for self-employed persons, unless stated otherwise. For SMEs, we will provide you with a tailor-made quotation; please contact us.

Our prices are subject to change; the current prices are stated on this website or in the web shop.

Invoice and Payment

The invoice price for the Innovation session is calculated by multiplying the duration of the session (rounded off per quarter of an hour) and the above-mentioned hourly rate.

For an Innovation session you can pay by PIN, bank transfer or with cash (exact amount). For a (follow-up) Innovation session or a Q&A session by telephone or Skype, payment must be made in advance by bank transfer. In that case we contact you for an appointment as soon as we’ve received your payment.

You will receive a VAT-specified invoice by e-mail after the session or if you purchased a voucher of the duriation of your choice in our web shop.


Cancellation is only free of charge at least 24 hours in advance by telephone. Thereafter you are obliged to pay the invoice of the arranged session. Also read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement.

For more information, please call Jolande: +31-SIX-4451186-ZERO or email your question.