Reinstate the Original Human Being

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Innovation sessions to Reinstate the Original Human Being

Human Innovation sessions to Reinstate the Original Human are aimed at empowering Human, supporting Himself or Herself to Re-member within Himself or Herself that there is more than what we see and experience in our daily lives. Human Innovation is a continuous process of developing, discovering, and expanding your Consciousness and Re-membering who You are from Origin, the Original Human.

Innovation sessions are suitable for children and adults who go out of Curiosity on their own Research into their Originality.

In an individual Innovation Session Jolande guides you to build the bridge between the old (distorted consciousness) and the new (Original Consciousness). As starting points will serve the theme or issue you want to explore. We do this exploration together so that it becomes recognizable in the Original Consciousness and subsequently practically applicable in your daily life.

What to expect?

The innovation session is a profound conversation, like a painting that’s been built up in layers of paint until the whole shows itself on the canvas. Therefore, an innovation session contains multiple layers of Energy that are being built up during the session.

We start the session with an alignment in the Now: where do you stand, what is your (research/exploration) question, and some layered information to install the required energetic field. From there, attuned to your question and Essential Self (Source), the form for this exploration in Consciousness evolves.

It is this total of your inner research that sets energy in motion. This allows substantial changes to take place in your life. For instance, how you can use your Self to recognize distortions in consciousness, and to manifest your desires in alignment with your Original Consciousness. Of course, it is different for everyone each time depending on the focus, what happens in the moment and the depth of the insights (little ones can really make a difference). Sometimes just the alignment in the Now and setting the energetic field brings more than enough Energy in motion for someone. Moreover, everyone has his or her own pace.

We can use exercises, such as empowerment in which you experience and learn to perceive, be neutral, disconnect from programming, etc. Although the experience with these exercises shows that clients experience these as very powerful and effective (making it appear as if the result of the innovation session originates from that), the entire conversation is needed to achieve that effect. We take the time together, at least one hour, to be able to go rightly through the above process.

Practice shows that the best results are achieved with a minimum of 3 innovation sessions with some time in between to integrate everything. In this way you go into a deeper process and you increase your experiences in your reality of what is really happening and where you may or not yet recognize distortions in consciousness. We then use these experiences from daily life in the following innovation session to explore what is going on 'behind the scenes' so that you can apply the insights into your life again.

Mind you, the innovation session is not intended to replace medical treatment, medicines or to fix a problem in your daily life (distorted reality/matrix). The innovation session is a playful but profound way for self-exploration within the structure of the reality in which we live. Therefore, a personality is needed for this task that wants and can do this.

The Methodologies of the sessions and for the periods in between varies and are chosen in the moment with focus on Equality, Inspiration and Empowerment around your theme. Some examples of methods and corresponding subjects are:

Exercise in Using the Field of Creation;

Provide information about the operation of the hologram and the Matrix;

Provide clarity about how our reptile brain operates and the existence of cognitive dissonance;

Exercise to Dis-covering clarity in the personally experienced reality (your hologram);

Explanation and exercising how to understand and neutralize the Game of Personality;

Exercise in Observing from neutrality;

Exercise in Playing with / in your hologram;

Provide information about the Original Geometry of Man;

Exercise to Dis-cover your Truth;

Workshops organized by Human innovator;

Inspiring Movies;


That which arises ...

Bringing our Expertise

To facilitate the Innovation session, use is also being made of own studies in Consciousness that we’ve been doing for decades (see About us and Awakening Journey). We work from and speak freely about this because we notice that some experiences can serve as an illustration and inspiration for a broader perspective in your self-examination. In addition, we are also aware that the words spoken are a means of transport of layered information or frequency. In practice, a frequency evolves that originates from the Original Consciousness, that is attuned to the brain that needs these attuned words.

Innovation session in brief

Target group: Humans who are open minded and relate to of feel attracted to the Original Human (no special prior knowledge required).

Goal: (Increasingly) Waking up in your Original Consciousness.

Means: Your own exploration in distorted and Original Consciousness.

How: Meeting in person or via Skype-video

Duration: a minimum of 1 hour a maximum of 2.5 hours (in coordination), preferably a minimum of 3 sessions

Expected results: Shifts in your consciousness, profound changes in perspective and increased capacity of recognizing cross-connections.

To make an appointment and further detailed information, please continue reading here.

Do you want more information or do you have a question, please do contact Jolande.