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Welcome to the website of Human innovator.

For some time now, the world has been dealing with a globally coordinated hypnotic narrative in which the sovereignty, authority and freedom of Humanity are under severe attack.

At the moment, we can speak of a breakthrough in consciousness that is taking place; the importance of living from the Heart to break the hypnosis. Consequently, this means that more and more people see how illogical the presented 'reality' is, and start asking questions and pondering on how to proceed.

Questions, not only that concerns the current situation, but also about our role in this: "What do we as human beings, want to give our life energy? Do we want to continue on the old footing, or should it be more sustainable? What is your stand on this right now?

This time facilitates the most remarkable reversal (paradigm shift in consciousness) humanity has known since memory.  It has two choices at its core;1) you believe the presented reality and continue to wait for a saviour, or 2) you stand up, think for yourself and claim your autonomy and authority in your consciousness.

Rising, claiming your autonomy and authority has a significant impact on your reality and at the same time, serves the Galactic General Interest. It is the transition from living from the programmed brain to living from the Heart Frequency based on Life Energy. At the same time, it can also trigger old patterns and reactions in your neurological system and thoughts/feelings, which prevents you from this transition.

Human innovator is focused on facilitating the process of this Paradigm shift of consciousness and is practically usable in the changed daily life. You are the captain of your ship, and in this position, you will discover a completely different story (your story!) then you’ve learned. It will be a different view of what you have become to believe to be your only reality.

We developed human Innovator from different sources, perspectives, and Life Inspiration with the focus on shifting paradigms in Consciousness. All this, combined with our research and experiences in Consciousness, has resulted in this dynamic, practical and human-renewing methodology.

Human innovator is suitable for everyone (no specific knowledge required) especially when you start asking profound questions about your life and your experience of your reality and want to investigate these for yourself and within yourself to discover your own truth. In short, when you are prepared to take Response-Ability (‘ownership’) of your life. Human innovator is practical so that you can immediately apply it in your daily life.

Does this appeal to you? Then you are most welcome.

You can participate in one-on-one Innovation Sessions focusing on your personal question or theme, or in thematic workshops, we call them 'Play'shops, in a small group in the Netherlands. Skype is being used for innovation sessions to serve those whose life further away.

Finally, a piece of art or a Cuddle dolls called Pitje Organite made by Jolande, being energy carriers and remembering us to Source Frequency, can help you to hold inner Balance and inspire you to take the next step. Therefore, Jolande established a niche webshop with all the energy carriers made by her. If you like, you can order an item specially made for you by Jolande. You can find more details here.

For more information and answers to your questions, please feel free to mail Jolande.

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May 7, 2020
Read here our latest blog Live Pure Happiness, about the profound impact of putting your Heart Frequency in this reality.

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